May 07, 2009

One observation and 4 things we all need to focus on.

Running for political office is the only job interview I can think of where the candidate only tells you what they are going to do, instead of what they have actually done.

There are two main things and two secondary things that we need to focus on the most.

The two main things, either of which would go a long way toward straightening this country out are:

1. Term Limits for all federally elected positions
2. Repeal of the 16th amendment and replacing it with some type of drastic tax reform, I like the Fair Tax, but honestly anything would be an improvement.

Secondary items

1. Repeal of the 17th amendment, making senators accountable to their state's wishes again.
2. Re-affirmation of the 10th amendment to declare the Fed is an agent of the States not the other way around.

I will throw in a bonus item there too... a statement once and for all clarifying the text (which has always seemed quite clear to me) of the 2nd amendment.
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