May 05, 2009

Best spiritual explanation for freedom and against socialism/communism I have heard.

First my disclaimer:

I do not intend this blog to be a religious blog, and I have a few reasons for that.

The most important reason is in order to frame the debate with Progressive Secular Moral Relativists you cannot talk about religion because you will immediately lose them, they think spirituality is as absurd as Mother Goose rhymes, Unicorns, Fairies, etc. you have to take baby steps, and so I do not want to get sidetracked on this blog with over much religious discussions, I am not trying to convert people to Christianity on this blog, I am trying to convert them to some semblance of thinking human beings, sanity man…sanity.

All those things being said, this call to Glenn Beck this morning was just great I have edited it some, but you can read the whole thing at

GLENN: … Ashley is with us from Oklahoma and KTOK. Hello, Ashley.


GLENN: What is ‑‑ where do you go to school, Ashley?

CALLER: It's a very conservative Christian university in Oklahoma.

GLENN: Got it, okay. So what happened with you and your professor?

CALLER: Well, I'm in an ethics course, a biblical ethics course, and he put up a quote on the board about capitalism like having this derogatory meaning with it, and I said, well, what's wrong with capitalism? And he said, capitalism's based on selfishness. It's about getting as much as you can for yourself. And I said, no ‑‑

GLENN: That's his perversion of it. But go ahead.

CALLER: Yeah. And I said, well, capitalism's based on hard work. It's about getting reward for hard work. And well, he told me, no, it's about making money off of other people; it's not about hard work. It's about ‑‑

GLENN: So what is his, what is his replacement for capitalism?

CALLER: Socialism.

GLENN: Socialism?

GLENN: Look, here's the thing. Tithing and the 10%, Moses, tithe 10%, right? What did they try to do before tithing? What did Moses actually come out with? Do you know? What was tithing? Before it was 10%, what was it before that? The law of?

GLENN: The law of consecration, which means you take all of your money and you give it to Moses. You give all of your money to your church, 100% and then you take only that that you need, okay? Moses couldn't make that work and so the law of consecration was too difficult for the people with the guy who parted the Red Sea and so they went down to a 10% tithing rule: Give 10%, okay? When Jesus was talking about ‑‑ when the apostles were talking about the early church where they shared everything, that's the law of consecration, and people have led lives of the law of consecration before and since. People have lived it many times. However, the secret is nowhere in the Bible does the ‑‑ do any of the apostles or Jesus say give all of your money to the government. They gave it to their church, and the church, nowhere did the apostles say we're going to take it from members of the church. They, keyword, shared everything they had.

Now, your professor can talk all he wants about how evil capitalism is, but ask your professor why Adam and Eve came down. Why, what was the whole thing about with the snake and the apple? What was that all about?

CALLER: Because they disobeyed God.

GLENN: Yeah, but what did that do? If Adam and Eve could ‑‑ if Adam and Eve didn't have the apple, they wouldn't have been fruitful and multiplied. Man would not be if it wasn't for that, okay? So what did they do? They ate the apple. Their eyes were opened. They saw the difference between good and evil, and the Lord drove them out of paradise and let them live this life where you've got to make choices and there's bad and there's good. We are here to make choices. You ask your professor, how am I supposed to be a good Christian, how am I supposed to better myself if all of my decisions are made for me by the state. If I can only eat these things, if I can only do these things, if I can only have this much money, if I'm forced to share, how does anyone grow spiritually? How do you become Gandhi if everything is decided for you? If this was the plan of salvation, if this is the plan of heaven, if this is God's plan, why didn't he just go with Lucifer's plan of just, I'll bring every soul back to you, God; you give the glory to me. I'll make sure. I'm not going to give them any choice. I'll bring everyone back. Jesus said, no, no, no, no; go down, let them have free will, let them have choice. But they are going to make so many mistakes, they are going to need a savior to come down and wash them clean. Now, if God didn't care about choice, if God was just like, you know what, just force them to do these things, it seems to me he would have gone with Lucifer's plan and not the other plan. Does that make sense to you?

GLENN: All right. Thank you. Jeez. I mean, from a Christian: Capitalism is evil. Capitalism is freedom. What we do with capitalism is evil sometimes. Capitalism, capitalism is evil. Really? … Don't tell me that capitalism is evil. Your choices can be evil or your choices can be good. But in this country the individual choice is what mattered. But we have so perverted God's will, God's law, we have so perverted what our founding fathers ‑‑ so let me ask you this, Mr. Professor: Do you believe this country was founded on divine providence? Do you believe that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Madison, Adams, do you believe those men were enlightened men? I do. Well, their crazy idea was to allow men to be free and free in their own business to allow them to be able to engage in capitalism. I didn't think a bad tree could bear good fruit. I didn't know a good tree could bear bad fruit or bad trees bear good fruit. I didn't think that was possible. I've read that some place in some big thick book. You'd know better than I do because you're a professor, and the elite professors always have the right answer.

Glenn Beck - Faith & Inspiration - Capitalism based on selfishness?

I always thought that you could be a conservative and not be a Christian, but I didn’t seriously think that a person could call themselves a Christian and believe in Tyranny. Guess that just goes to show that there is no end to what someone can rationalize, and it also shows just how liberal many professors are.

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