May 19, 2009

Another Email From My Texan Cousin – Our Pa was not so crazy after all!

First just a bit of background. My Grandpa (Pa) got into a big kick back in the 1970’s/early 80’s with Silver. Silver was supposed to be the next big thing. This was back in those Democratic Utopian Days of the Carter years. You know, stagflation; misery index; the fine automobile engineering of the pinto, gremlin, pacer, and mustang II, the Fiero; the death of the Muscle Car when a mustang had 100 hp; gas shortages, double digit inflation, double digit unemployment. Ahh those were the good times, or so I have heard.

So good ol Pa invested heavily into Silver. He was born in 1929, so he remembers the depression. And of course when he would talk about silver all the younger generation thought he was being eccentric. Well he kept it, and it is stashed in safe deposit boxes and Lord knows where else.

So my Texan Cousin emailed me the email below, and as I have done a few times now I am sharing it with everyone. As you can see, this Right Wing Extremist stuff is sorta hardwired into us.

How many people said "what is he doing with all that silver"? Pa has talked about having "hard money" for a long time, and I guess people just wrote it off as "failed" investing. All that silver and "hard money" he has rat-holed for all these years may be the only true form of currency before long. I seem to remember reading in the history books of many failed forms of paper currency in the past and people would always resort back to coins of value; could that be coming again? How about the money in the banks? What will that be worth if when you take it out you get it in green backs? I have some cash stashed away, maybe I should swap that out for something that can be used worldwide. It makes me very sad to think that most of us work ourselves to death forsaking our families for that dollar. That dollar that continually loses it value, I can make hundreds of them, but it takes thousands to pay the bills. I have always said everything goes up but the pay, but I really meant that inflation is killing this country one Euro or Yen or whatever at a time. But the part that bothers me the most is that dancing chicken in Washington and the people stoking the fire under him. How can these people call themselves Americans, ask Americans for money and votes and not only let this happen, but propagated a great deal of it. Oops, I mean that dirty Bush did all of this and we should be glad that Barrack Hussein Obama is here to save us and move us into a global economy!

I sure remember the "global economy" with it's hand out for a lot of years, asking for money, food, arms, and humanitarian aid. And that has been going on for centuries. But, maybe this is the cycle of things, at one time Spain and France were the global leaders, then England, then the China? Maybe it is just my pride that is hard to swallow, or maybe it is the lies coming from the top, but either way America is in a stranglehold. I heard an interesting comment on the radio today, it went something like this "even if we could stop this madness, we may be past the point of repairing the damage". Pelosi is on the chopping block, and she won't be the last, but for every one corrupt politician we oust there seems to be two more waiting in the shadows ready to pick up where they left off.

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