May 04, 2009

Oh the Hypocrisy - Ol Turbo Tax Timmah!

Tim Geithner is after the insidious people who are not doing their patriotic duty paying their taxes. Never fear, it will take them at least 4 years to get through all the ones in the administration.

Seriously, what they are after is people who keep their money if overseas accounts in order to take advantage of other countries more favorable tax laws. It is kind of a case of changing the rules when people are playing the game better than you. HELLO, the reason people do that is because our tax structure is punitive. What they are after is double taxation, and they will not rest until they bleed the producers in this nation dry. What we will see is an exodus of the affluent to Indonesia, and South America, or the Carribean.

That Tim Geithner, holder of the elven ring wait...wrong guy...looks the same... always get confused

Turbo Tax Tim to the rescue, da da da da da daaaaa Timmah!

Tim Geithner talking about tax evaders is about like Michael Vick working for Peta...wait...crap...he is going to....
Tim Geithner talking about tax evaders makes about as much sense as our former President saying he had to go against capitalism to save it...wait..DANGIT.
Tim Geithner talking about tax evaders would be about like banning lobbyists from the white house and then putting some in your cabinet.....MAN!
Tim Geithner talking about tax evaders would almost as ridiculous as saying you are not a Statist, you just think it is better to spread the wealth around.....OH SNAP!
Tim Geithner talking about tax evaders would be similar to saying you were against wiretapping and the patriot act while campaigning and then saying you needed those protections as president....HMMMM...wait...I got it...

Letting Tim Geithner talk about tax evaders would be as hypocritical as saying you didn't want to run the car companies and the banks, but you were forced to, and then forcing the car companies to take bankruptcy to shaft their investors, and not letting the banks go back on their own after taking them over, and passing a law limiting executive compensation; it would be almost as ridiculous as if you said you wanted to create jobs in the US and then you set out to enact all sorts of regulations guaranteed to suffocate and stifle job growth...

OK, I give up....Tim Geithner makes perfect sense to go after the tax cheats in this "Through the Looking Glass" world we are now living in; after all it takes a crook to catch one.
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