May 12, 2009

White House lobbies for Olympics in Chicago - Kenneth P. Vogel -

The Obama White House is playing an unprecedented role in the bid to bring the 2016 Summer Olympics to Chicago, with top adviser Valerie Jarrett spearheading an effort that draws on the international symbolism of his presidency.
Any president would have an interest in helping an American city win an Olympic bid. But none has been as closely associated with an Olympic proposal as Obama, and the emerging effort by the White House is unusually pointed in its attempt to wrap the campaign around the president and his appealing image abroad — a strategy veteran Olympics watchers say is paying dividends and could result in an enormous hometown farewell party if Obama wins a second term.
“Without Obama in the White House, I would say there would be no chance whatsoever for the U.S. winning,” said Canadian IOC member Dick Pound. “The United States is the only country in this race that has had an absolutely extraordinary transformational experience with the election of Obama, which weighs very heavily in its favor.”

White House lobbies for Olympics in Chicago - Kenneth P. Vogel -

  1. Gag
  2. “hmmm how else can I make money off of my presidency? I know I can get Chicago the Olympics”
  3. Didn’t Blago get impeached for this kind of thing?
  4. Gag

This whole story is just revolting to me. One thing about it, with Obama in office and the apparently burning desire to win, maybe we can beat the Chinese in Gymnastics this time. I don’t think Obama would have a problem forging birth certificates either. We will have our 8 year olds kick the crap out of those Chinese 8 year olds next time around. You know, level the playing field, Statism vs Statism.

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