May 21, 2009

I found one of the Mother Ships…a veritable nest of filthy weasels…Vermont, today on: Rate the Weasel.

I do not know how I can grade the whole state on Gradegov but it is just too hard to pick just one weasel when this state seems to be one of the mother ships.

Vermont used to be republican, but was always more liberal than other states. I guess when viewed through the landslide election of Ronaldus Magnus all states pretty much used to be republican. Vermont began the long slide into weaseldom when it began supporting Bill Clinton. Then Vermont gave Barack Obama his third largest winning margin (37 percentage points) winning there 68%-31%. Today, Vermont is one of only two states represented by a member of the United States Congress who does not currently associate with a political party: Senator Bernie Sanders describes his political views as democratic socialism, but is officially registered as an independent and caucuses with the Democrats in the selection of the Senate leadership.

Bernard "Bernie" Sanders (born September 8, 1941) is the junior United States Senator from Vermont, elected on November 7, 2006. Before becoming Senator, Sanders represented Vermont's at-large district in the United States House of Representatives for 16 years.

Sanders is a self-described democratic socialist, but because he does not belong to a formal political party, he appears as an independent on the ballot. Sanders caucuses with the Democratic Party and is counted as a Democrat for the purposes of committee assignments

Sanders was also endorsed by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, and Democratic National Committee chairman and former Vermont governor Howard Dean. Dean said in May 2005 that he considered Sanders an ally who voted with House Democrats. Sen. Barack Obama also campaigned for Sanders in Vermont. Sanders entered into an agreement with the Democratic Party to be listed in their primary but to decline the nomination should he win, which he did easily

Sanders and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) introduced the Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act of 2007 on January 15, 2007. The measure would have provided funding for R&D on geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide, set emissions standards for new vehicles and a renewable fuels requirement for gasoline beginning in 2016, established energy efficiency and renewable portfolio standards beginning in 2008 and low-carbon electric generation standards beginning in 2016 for electric utilities, and required periodic evaluations by the National Academy of Sciences to determine whether emissions targets are adequate


Patrick Joseph Leahy (born March 31, 1940) is the senior United States Senator from Vermont. He is a member of the Democratic Party, having the distinction of being the first and only Democratic United States Senator in Vermont's history, and is the current chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. As of 2009[update] Leahy is also fourth most senior U.S. Senator.

Leahy has held progressive political positions that are generally in line with those of the state. He has generally supported abortion rights. He has been strongly supported by the NAACP and is outspoken in his support for affirmative action. Leahy has also been one of the most gay rights-friendly members of Congress; He has supported the legalization of gay marriage and reducing discrimination against gays and lesbians. Leahy spoke strongly against a proposed constitutional ban on flag burning and on its implications for freedom of speech and expression. He rejects school prayer initiatives and plans for abstinence-only sex education. Leahy has called for a moratorium on the death penalty and more DNA testing for death row inmates. He supports rehabilitation as the goal of prisons and providing treatment instead of punishment for first time offenders. Leahy has generally supported gun control, including requiring background checks at gun shows and allowing for lawsuits against firearms manufacturers. However, he voted in favor of prohibiting US foreign aid that inhibits gun ownership [11]

Leahy has stated the importance of increasing the prevelance of public health care during times of economic downturn. He voted to increase Medicare benefits and to allow this organization to negotiate lower-priced, bulk prescriptions from pharmaceutical manufacturers. Leahy has broken with Democratic leadership in supporting allowing states to make bulk drug purchases on their own, an idea he has characterized as an important short term solution until Congress can agree on a similar proposal. Leahy has consistently voted to uphold Social Security and has opposed school vouchers. [12]

Leahy has been a strong supporter of environmental policy. He has supported bills that would increase hydrogen car production, uphold CAFE standards, set a goal of reducing oil consumption by 40 percent in 2025, and increase solar and wind power funding. He has supported the establishment of greenhouse gas tradeable allowances and has spoken out against the use of ethanol as a solution to rising gasoline prices.[13]

On taxation, Leahy has consistently supported instituting progressive rates. He has rejected proposals to remove the Estate Tax and Alternative Minimum Tax, and he has spoken out strongly against cutting taxes for the wealthy. Leahy has strongly supported the rights of employees, and has voted to increase the minimum wage and allow for more union organization.

Peter F. Welch (born May 2, 1947) is the United States Representative for the U.S. state of Vermont's at-large congressional seat. Welch’s congressional website depicts his stand on issues and legislation, as follows: Developing a “pro-Vermont family farm 2007 farm bill and advocating for other federal policies that strengthen Vermont agriculture.”;Ending the War in Iraq. Welch opposed the war before it began. ;Caring for veterans by including the support of their recovery from the effects of war in the military budget. ;Combating global warming and increasing energy independence;Providing universal health care and affordable prescription drugs to Americans.

Howard Dean (born November 17, 1948) is an American politician and physician from the U.S. state of Vermont. He served six terms as Governor of Vermont and ran unsuccessfully for the 2004 Democratic Presidential nomination. He was the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2005 to 2009

As chairman of the party, Dean created and employed the "50 State Strategy" that attempted to make Democrats competitive in normally conservative states often dismissed in the past as "solid red". The success of the strategy became apparent after the 2006 midterm elections, where Democrats took back the House and picked up seats in the Senate from normally Republican states such as Missouri and Montana. In the 2008 election, Barack Obama used "The 50 state strategy" as the backbone of his candidacy, targeting voters across the country rather than primarily focusing on traditional battleground states. This led to the expansion of the battleground states from just Ohio and Florida to also include New Mexico, Indiana, North Carolina, Missouri, Virginia, and Colorado. The "50 state strategy" proved to be effective, as Obama won 53% of the popular vote, and more importantly 365 electoral votes, to become the president of the United States.

In a January 2009 interview with the Associated Press, Dean indicated he would enter the private sector after 30 years in politics. Dean told the AP he would deliver speeches and share ideas about campaigns and technology with center-left political parties around the world. When asked about not being selected for a position in the Obama administration, Dean responded, "Obviously, it would have been great, but it's not happening and the president has the right to name his own Cabinet, so I'm not going to work in the government it looks like." When asked how he felt about not being selected, Dean replied he would "punt on that one."

The AP and Politico both reported that supporters of Dean were angry that he wasn't asked to be a part of the new administration. According to Politico, Dean supporters were especially upset Dean wasn't invited to the press conference at which Tim Kaine was appointed as Democratic National Committee chairman. Joe Trippi, who was Dean’s presidential campaign manager in 2004, told Politico, "[Dean] was never afraid to challenge the way party establishment in Washington did business, and that doesn’t win you friends in either party." Trippi further explained the apparent snub of Dean by stating, "You don’t have to look any further than Rahm Emanuel." Trippi was referring to the tension between Emanuel and Dean over Dean's 50 state strategy. Sources close to Emanuel dismissed these charges, however.

Dean told Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s "Hardball" that "I didn't do this for the spoils. I did this for the country. I'm very happy that Barack Obama is president, and I think he's picked a great Cabinet. And I'm pretty happy. I wouldn't trade my position for any other position right now. I'm going to go into the private sector, make a living making speeches, and do a lot of stuff on health care policy."

After the withdraw of Tom Daschle's nomination for the position, Dean had been touted by many for the post of Secretary of Health and Human Services. After being passed over for the post once again, Dean told the Huffington Post, "I was pretty clear that I would have liked to have been Secretary of HHS but it is the president's choice and he decided to go in a different direction."

On March 23, 2009, it was announced that the financial television network CNBC had hired Dean as an on air contributor.

On March 26, 2009, Dean announced on a Democracy for America conference call with supporters across the country that he would be returning to Democracy for America to lead the fight for healthcare reform in the US.

On May 7, 2009, during an appearance on the Power Lunch, Dean tolder viewers, "I think we had quite enough capitalism in the last eight years and I think we need some regulation now".

What is wrong with the Majority of the Citizenry in Vermont? Did they smuggle themselves here from the USSR circa 1979?

F F F F, For the Love of God!, F

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