May 27, 2009

In a Stunning CA Supreme Court Move

There is a very dim light at the end of the tunnel when CA is not toeing the Left Wing Loon MoonBat party line. I fully expected the Government of CA to reject a legal vote of the public to change their constitution. But in a stunning upset; the Courts did their job appropriately and got it right. Now how do we break it to the gay/lesbian/bi/transgendered/polyamorous/ community that the people of California have spoken 3 times and the Supreme Court of CA finally held up that the PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. There is no where else to go; there is no higher authority on this. A woman on the news said that "no civil rights movement has ever failed" well, not to put too fine a point on it; the 60's civil rights movement was a HUMAN rights movement on an entire ethnic group of people based on something that had no bearing on actual behavior. I am not going to get into the debate as to whether homosexuality is a choice or a genetic thing. I will tell you that the issue is one of BEHAVIOR though. This is not about Sexism or Racism and it is a fallacy that the GLBTP community tries to draw a paralell between what Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and others did, and trying to validate a behavior and really not even that.

NO ONE HAS EVER SAID not to allow them all the rights and priveleges of marriage, what has been said repeatedly is that it is not marriage, call it something else and we will be happy. I am for them having FMLA, Funeral leave, even what meager tax breaks married couples have, just leave marriage between a man and a woman.

As I have said before and I will say again, Once you redefine marriage to between WW, or MM, instead of between MW, then there is nothing to keep if from being MMWWW;WMW, Man and Sheep, whatever. It will be anything goes and there would be no legal way to say "just this; but not that"

So there is hope; it CAN be done.
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