May 04, 2009

Today on Rate the Weasel - Claire McCaskill

Claire Conner McCaskill (born July 24, 1953) is an American Democratic politician, currently the junior United States Senator from the state of Missouri and former State Auditor of Missouri. She defeated Republican Senator Jim Talent in 2006 by a margin of 50% to 47%. She is the first female senator from Missouri elected in her own right. She was cited by the New York Times to be among the seventeen women most likely to become the first female President of the United States. She will become the state's senior senator upon the retirement of Missouri's senior U.S. Senator, Kit Bond, in 2011.

Claire McCaskill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Support a ban on partial-birth abortion. (Oct 2006)
  • Voted NO on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion. (Mar 2008)
  • Voted NO on barring HHS grants to organizations that perform abortions. (Oct 2007)
  • Voted NO on paying down federal debt by rating programs' effectiveness. (Mar 2007)
  • Require full disclosure about subprime mortgages. (Dec 2007)
  • Recognize Juneteenth as historical end of slavery. (Jun 2008)
  • Require chemical resellers to certify against meth use. (Sep 2007)
  • Restore College Tuition Tax Credit as middle class tax break. (Jun 2006)
  • Expand pre-school and Head Start. (May 2006)
  • Expand Pell Grants and HOPE Scholarships. (May 2006)
  • Voted YES on additional $10.2B for federal education & HHS projects. (Oct 2007)
  • Energy independence by 2020 via alternative fuels. (May 2006)
  • Voted YES on addressing CO2 emissions without considering India & China. (May 2008)
  • Voted YES on factoring global warming into federal project planning. (May 2007)
  • Voted NO on prohibiting eminent domain for use as parks or grazing
  • Active role for US in solving Israeli/Palestinian conflict. (Oct 2006)
  • US should create respect abroad, not just fear. (May 2006)
  • Ban lobbyist gifts to root out corruption. (Aug 2006)
  • Supports line-item veto to limit spending. (Sep 2005)
  • Voted YES on granting the District of Columbia a seat in Congress. (Sep 2007)
  • Voted NO on requiring photo ID to vote in federal elections. (Jul 2007)
  • Expand Medicare for people, not for drug companies. (May 2006)
  • Voted NO on allowing tribal Indians to opt out of federal healthcare. (Feb 2008)
  • Voted YES on adding 2 to 4 million children to SCHIP eligibility. (Nov 2007)
  • Republicans have not made us safer since 9/11. (May 2006)
  • Restore habeas corpus for detainees in the War on Terror. (Jun 2007)
  • Building a border fence is a first step. (Aug 2006)
  • No amnesty for illegal immigrants; no guest workers. (Aug 2006)
  • Voted YES on continuing federal funds for declared "sanctuary cities". (Mar 2008)
  • Voted NO on comprehensive immigration reform. (Jun 2007)
  • Voted YES on declaring English as the official language of the US government. (Jun 2007)
  • Voted YES on restricting employer interference in union organizing. (Jun 2007)
  • Voted with Democratic Party 84.6% of 325 votes. (Sep 2007)
  • Voted YES on increasing tax rate for people earning over $1 million. (Mar 2008)
  • Voted NO on raising the Death Tax exemption to $5M from $1M. (Feb 2008)
  • Voted NO on repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax. (Mar 2007)
  • Voted NO on raising estate tax exemption to $5 million. (Mar 2007)
  • Talk to North Korea to renounce nuclear program. (Oct 2006)
  • Need to change course in Iraq. (Oct 2006)
  • Define a plan for success in Iraq with a clear exit strategy. (May 2006)
  • No troop surge: no military escalation in Iraq. (Jan 2007)

Claire McCaskill : for being pro abortion, for increasing the federal government's involvment in education, for moving us closer to Nationalized HealthScare, for being an american apologist, for being a big tax and spend liberal, for voting for limits on executive compensation, for being a follower and not a leader and voting the party line 85% of the time, for having an approval rating of 48%, for repeatedly refusing to provide any responses to the National Political Awareness Test when asked by national leaders of both major parties, and for making google eyes at Obama any time you see him;

You have totally and completely earned an:


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