May 05, 2009

Do the words of the anthem mean anything?

Does that star spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

How many times have we heard this line? Every baseball game, football game, nascar race, rodeo...

Is it still a relevent question? Should we change our anthem?

Land of the free:

Where is the freedom or liberty to get a quality education in DC public schools now that the voucher program is dead? All the trillions spent since the beginning of the Obamanation and this program had to go?

Do you think the bankers who had contracts that were violated by the administration feel very free?

How about the GM board of directors whose job it should have been to retain or fire Rick Waggoner, or how about Rick Waggoner himself; do you think they feel very free?

What about shareholders or creditors of you think they feel free when Obama strongarmed and attempted to exhort them into taking thirty cents on the dollar for their outstanding debt?

How about the mgmt of chrysler how do you think they feel toward their freedom to know that Obama gave the UAW controlling interest in their company...the group arguably heavily to blame for the current state of the auto industry?

How free will you feel when the only vehicles for sale are tiny little econocubes?

How free will you and I feel when we no longer have a choice in our healthcare provider or in the decision making process of our healthcare?

Do you suppose we will feel free when everything we buy nearly doubles in price because we are taxed for the building block of life (carbon)

Will we still feel like singing about our freedem when our combined tax burden approaches 60%?

Do you think our kids will feel free if Obama gets his way and they have to go to the Government with their hat in hand to get a student loan and likely have to join the Obama youth to receive one?

Do you think our kids will feel free to know they are in debt from the moment they can understand what that means?

Home of the brave?

Can we feel as though we are brave and not cowardly when our supposed leader bows to a foreign despot?

How much bravery does it take to call us an arrogant and dismissive nation in front of other nations?

What amount of bravery did it take to write a stern memo to N. Korea when it flexes its nuclear muscle?

How brave is it to continue discussing bringing charges up against the past administration when almost all americans do not want that?

Is it bravery...intestinal fortitude...that makes us incapable of putting our sworn enemies through what amounts to college hazing to attempt to save lives?

What bravery does it take to fail to stand up and say, "we will take your tired and sick and poor, as long as they abide by our laws...starting with immigration"

What level of bravery and courage would it take to say "pedophiles get no special protected status"

How much bravery is on display when the govt turns a blind eye and a deaf ear on nearly half a million americans protesting an out of control government?

Show me the bravery and tolerance needed to tear a young woman in a beauty pageant apart in the media for sharing her honest opinion on a heavy social issue?

Show me the bravery in not allowing an open debate and instead using fear paranoia and intimidation to reach your goals.

Was it brave of our congress to confirm at least two tax cheats to the white house?

Were our vp and speaker of the house showing how brave they were when they said they would not use planes trains or busses because of the swine flu?

There are a lot of people who still want freedom and are brave enough to speak out for it, but we are being sold into slavery by the cowards WE elected... And that is not very brave of us either.

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