July 13, 2009

Bankrupt America pt 3(Friends of the Fed)

Now that we've looked at the Fed which is our enemies way of crippling us financially, now we are ready to look at other groups that are behind the agenda that the Fed is motivated by. Most Americans and many of you do not realize how serious this situation this is. These people are well entrenched in our society and their agenda is the end of American prosperity. There are several groups, some you know well, some you may have likely never heard of. Make no mistake, this is the most serious threat America has faced in my lifetime. The source I am using goes deeply into what these groups have planned. First, let's look at the groups that set the agenda for the Fed:
1st. The United Nations: most of us have heard of them. They have a bad reputation, but if Americans really knew what their agenda is, there would be non stop protesting outside that bldg. until the U.N withdrew from American soil
2nd The Council on Foreign Affairs (CFR)This group was instrumental in the Fed's inception, and shares the same agenda with the Fed. For now, I will draw the line at the simple idea that the CFR is a pro-communist, pro UN, and has a globalist agenda. We will explore them deeper later.
3rd Trilateral Comision: The TC was conceived by Zbignew Brzizinski, a communist who supported weakening international borders by strengthening the U.N. The T.C. was founded by David Rockefeller and it holds massive influence with the United States.

So, what do all we get when all these groups act separately for the same goal?

In 1913, at the behest of the newly formed Federal Reserve, the first Income tax was instituted along with the IRS to ensure enforcement. Funds from the income tax were diverted for years to put everything in place to form the U.N.

Starting with Jimmy Carter, all Presidents INCLUDING REAGAN filled their administrations with member of both the Trilateral Commission and the CFR.

The Trilateral Commission and CFR have paid the money necessary to ensure that our government no longer works in our best interest. The T.C. and CFR have pushed for and achieved treaties and trade deals detrimental to America such as NAFTA, GATT, Making China a most favored trade partner and many other international agreements, pacts, and conventions where Communist governments would be equally represented such as the G20 and G8 summits. The CFR and T.C have pushed for "climate change" cap and trade legislation like Kyoto which would be economic suicide for all involved.

When you hear insiders say "we did this to ourselves, now we have to make all these sacrifices to correct it..." That statement was a lie. We the people did not do this to ourselves. We were never told the truth about the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, how it came to be and that the 16th amendment was never legally ratified. We The People did not do this, but we are the only ones that can UNDO this.
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Finally, let's look at the assured consequences of these groups, succeeding in implementing their agenda:
Total Redistribution of wealth, property and rights would reduce the standard of living to or worse than a 3rd world country.

Strict Regimentation would become commonplace. There would no longer be freedom of movement, worship, speech, publishing or property rights.

Effort and hard work would be meaningless since there would be no reward

Order would me maintained by U.N style agents who say by and watched ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, and mass rape and Murder in Sudan, yet enforce the rules of their choice by force using similar methods as the Russian KGB.

To be continued:
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