July 22, 2009

The Best Argument Against Nationalized Healthscare

I cannot take credit for this idea, Glenn Beck said it on his show the other night, so many of you probably already heard it. But it is SO true. I did expand it to further drive the point home. Just a few simple questions to ask your favorite liberal.

You have to go to the bathroom really bad, you ask someone where the bathroom is. They say well the public restrooms are over there and the private restrooms are over here. Which do you pick? Why?

You have a package to mail and the mail room says FedEx or USPS, same price for this package. What do you pick? Why?

You are looking for a drinking fountain, there is a public one in the park, or a privately maintained one in the restaurant. Which do you pick? Why?

You are going to move to a new school district. You have enough money to afford it. you have a choice for your child. Public School on the left, Private School on the right. Which do you choose? WHY?

You are leaving the airport, you have a choice, money is not a consideration. Public Bus stop on the left, Private Livery service on the right. Which do you choose? …WHY!?

You are looking for a house. Public Housing over here, private housing over there, which would you choose? WHY!!??

You get in trouble with the law. Public Defender on this side, or you can pick a Private Practice lawyer…Which do you take? Say it with me now…WHY?

You are going to the swimming pool…yep..public pool on the left, Private Country Club pool on the right… Which one? WHY WHY WHY?

You are a veteran and have a choice, Private Hospital or VA hospital. Which one do you pick? WHY?

Sending your kid to college, State college on one hand, Private college on the other, if you had your choice which would you choose? all together now…WHY?

Duh, because they are BETTER.

Remember the left does not make everyone equal by lifting everyone up, it LEVELS the playing field by lowering standards.

Old folks, already covered; Kids, already covered; welfare recipients, already covered, those who cannot pay and need emergency care ALREADY COVERED.

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