July 01, 2009

Tyranny Amnesia

I'm afraid that it has been so long since we have experienced Tyranny that we just aren't using our radar anymore. It is no different than Florida was in the 1970s through the 1990's when no hurricanes hit. People got what became known as "hurricane amnesia." Then when one would threaten, everybody thought it was a big joke and it was time for a Hurricane party. Now if I were to walk into a local Wal-Mart and yell there is a hurricane coming, the reaction would be far worse than yelling "bomb" in an airport. When there is even something that could be a hurricane on the horizon, it preempts all other local news. We have had two so far this year that were expected to hit here and fizzled, but memories of Wilma and Katrina and Ivan and Francis and Jeanne and T.S. Faye from last year are still fresh on everyone's minds. If a spell hit where 20 years went by like from the 70's through the 90's, that hurricane amnesia would be back in full force.

My point here is that I think Americans have "tyranny amnesia." I believe much of that comes from not having a world adversary like the U.S.S.R. to keep us on our toes. Now we have many smaller adversaries and a press that supports them instead of us. Back in the "Cold War" days, the press was liberal, but they still knew who the real enemy was. That is no longer true and we are seeing the results of growing apathy because of it.

"Is it possible the worse thing that has happened to the US is our victory over the Soviet Union in the cold war. We not only seemed to forgot what tryanny is, but seem lost in finding our cause as a nation. Virtue has been replaced with decadence, righteousness with prevertions, good with evil. Can you imagine a president being allies with the likes of Castro and Chevez during the cold war? However, those born after our victory in 1989 are now 20 and voting. This block was the biggest supporter of Obama showing their lack of wisdom. Now we're inside the looking glass and most voters now have either forgotten what that means or for our younger generation with the brainwashing from our education system, don't even know what it means." This section has come from a comment from Madmath1. I encourage everyone to check out his blog as he is a great thinker and writer.

A similar situation happened to Germany in World War 1. Germany actively promoted and supported the revolution that led to the Bolsheviks gaining power knowing that those "liberals" a.k.a communists would withdraw from the war effectively ending the "Eastern Front." An unexpected result of that "victory" was communist anti-war attitudes and propaganda spreading westward through Germany with returning soldiers. Within 2 years, the sentiment of the whole country and it's army had turned against war of any sort. Germany got it's victory by toppling Czar Nicholas, but in the end They got all the beliefs and attitudes of the Bolsheviks spread through all aspects of their lives. Not that Germany had a chance to win that war, but by not taking it to it's conclusion, the stage was set for Hitler to do it all over again 20 years later. The question i'm posing to you is: Is it possible that our great victory in the cold war opened the barn door and let those spreading communist ideas run loose while giving us the apathetic attitude that we have no more enemies in the world so the world is no longer a threatening place so we can all be peaceful friends?Tell me what you think? (By the Way, I'd like to thank KOOK, Bunni and especially Madmath1 for inspiring me to write this)
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