July 04, 2009

Palin Resigns?: Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled…

As Hannity would say. At least not yet, troops.

BBCW: Palin Resigns?: I Head to the Lake and 2012 Changes Drastically

Palin announcement - Resignation

This lets her take the heat off of the Governorship. How effective could she really be while still being on the national stage, being sniped at by Lecherman, et al., and constantly defending herself in bogus legal battles?

I think she will go on a book tour, maybe write another one. Then I think she will start seeking donations and doing the speaking circuit. I watched her piece she did on Fox and the lady is gearing up for WAR. She is mad as hell. She asked her family “Do you want me to be Governor or do you want me to get to work fixing politics as usual? Todd told her “Hell Yeah”. Her kids said “Yes”

As a politician she could not speak her mind, but as a private citizen she can say what she needs and wants to say to anyone she wants.

She has a LONG career ahead of her. She has every bit of 20 years left to work. She is going to do what she does best and I sincerely believe that the MSM drive-bys had better watch it. What in her life or career would make any of us think that she is a quitter?

I think she saw Sanford crash and burn and further disgrace us and she knew it was time to step up. She has seen the literally dozens to hundreds of polls in the ‘net and elsewhere that show her as the clear favorite among us.

We Surround THEM, and we are spoiling for a fight. I think she is too.

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