July 20, 2009


Picture yourself as a soldier in Iraq or Afganisistan. 2 or 3 of your best friends have laid down their lives for with no knowledge of your family. You are doing all this because you believe that the folks back home in small town America deserve the opportunity to start that small company, or invent that new product that will make everybody's' lives a little easier or you believe that the family with 3 kids in elementary school should be able to raise their children in decent neighborhoods with running water and electricity and maybe even a dog. Now you have just signed for your third tour, and now we have a pResident who apologizes for everything we have ever done. He shows no support for the amazing accomplishments we have achieved in Iraq or Afghanistan and yet you hear that Americans will be marching on Washington for their shameful activities committed by our elected officials over the last decade. You realize that America does stand behind you. You realize that America does feel a just a touch of what you have gone through since 2003. Then September 12th 2009 comes along and no one is there. No protests. No tea Party supporters, no nothing. What would you say to that soldier who has stood up for america for almost a decade yet you couldn't stand up for a single weekend. How could you look him in the eyes knowing you could have spoken out, could have exercised the right of free speech his friends died for but you didn't have time or you wanted to see American Idol? Our Brave men and women have given up lifetimes, friends, family all so that we could have the opportunity to stand up for what is right. Is it too much for them to ask for us to stand up for a single weekend?Join us in DC on 9-12. Join us in standing up for responsible government and personal liberty and freedom.
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