July 21, 2009

Healthcare: One Quote, a comment, and a couple of thoughts

Obama has been quoted as saying:

"I think the people of Oregon did a service for the country in recognizing that as the population gets older we’ve got to think about the issues of end-of-life care."

Hmmm. Think about that. Let it soak in. What is he REALLY saying? Well what has Oregon done exactly? Currently, physician assisted suicide (think Kevorkian) is legal only in Oregon. Hey, if the guy is for killing babies that are not yet born, or in some cases even ones that are, what makes you think he cares about Grandma? Remember his brother lives in a shack in Kenya and his auntie Zetuni lived in the projects (and she may have since been deported)

I have learned that they have stuck in an "end-of-life services" phrase in the HR3200. What they really mean is "assisted-suicide". However, HR3200 states that the elderly must attend counseling for what is termed "the continuum of end-of-life services and supports available". Look up the the meaning of "end-of-life services" and it reveals a whole range of things such as general counseling, hospice, wills, etc. And it conveniently also includes the counseling of the elderly on the stoppage of life-sustaining procedures. They won't tell you that they support physician assisted-suicide (it's illegal to request of the doctor that you be injected with some fatal potion). Instead they allow, and even encourage, physicians to starve or dehydrate their patients to death (Terry Schiavo, anyone?).

This is NOT SURPRISING Progressives have been in favor of Eugenics since back in the day. This is what they do. This is where the savings will come from. Less Care and less Patients equals less cost.

AARP supports this bill. Why? Medicare already covers the old folks. hmm. That one is sure curious. AARP was founded at first as the NRTA National Retired Teachers association. Then an insurance company got a whiff and changed it to AARP the American Accociation of Retired Persons. Starting within the last few years membership is for anyone over 50. This means is is no longer the American Association of Retired Persons, now it is just AARP and the acronym means nothing. They are the largest insurance agent in the US, but they are not an insurance company, they only license their name to be used for other companies products, like an endorsement. And...voila...they are teamed with the SEIU for the last couple of elections. It has been infiltrated by Insurance companies and the Unions. Still a little vague on why exactly they are pro socialized medicine, as there is no way it will help the elderly, and it really should not help insurance companies.

Lastly, Remember how it used to be “Global Warming” and now it is “Global Climate Change” ? Remember how it used to be “War on Terror” and now it is “Overseas Contingency Plan”? Have you heard how “Card Check” has become “Fast Track”?

Wait for it. If this Healthcare bill does not pass it will come back as an “Insurance Reform Bill” , everyone is emotional about healthcare, but everyone hates Insurance Companies so “Yeah! Stick it to those Insurance Companies, We hate them!”

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