July 13, 2009

I think the Republican candidate in 2012 should be…

…Denzel Washington.

  • He is an actor, not unlike our current president; in fact, he is probably a far better actor and could probably actually memorize his lines and not need a teleprompter.
  • He is undeniably a Minority, in fact no one can doubt his “authenticity” or “blackness” .
  • Women seem to think he is hot, like our current president.
  • We KNOW where he was born…
  • He is ALREADY a big celebrity, which is apparently what it really takes to be President now
  • and…like our president, we now nothing about his political views
  • He has actually been employed in the private sector a large portion of his life
  • Instant…Name…Recognition
  • His accountant’s probably know how to to their taxes
  • And the Number One Reason that we should run Denzel….Anyone has to be better than this idiot.

We should get the best candidate money can buy… and just hire a professional actor…

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