July 21, 2009

Checking off the five W’s

This is just the latest in a long line of things I predicted.  See here:  Mileage Taxes, Cell Phones, and My new Invention to avoid Toilet Taxes  and Liberals- If it exists - TAX IT; Congress Set to End Tax-Free Online Shopping I posted those a long way back and now Clay over at BBCW has this excellent post.  Let’s review shall we?

You pay taxes on:

Everything you buy: Gas in your car, food in your tummy, clothes on your back, the TV you watch and the car you drive.

Some things have special taxes: Personal Property taxes on your car, boat, RV, crops, Animals, tractors, ATVs, Cigarettes you smoke, beer you drink, guns you buy, hotel rooms, diamonds, and other “luxuries“

Services are taxed too: you phone bill, your cable bill, your doctor bill, your electric bill, and your water bill

You are taxed on your time and sweat:  what you earn, what you save, what you grow

You are even taxed on when you die.

Let’s look at it a different way, lets use the 5  W’s. “Who” gets taxed?  Everyone.  “What” gets taxed? Everything, soon to include what you eat and what you poo.  “When” gets taxed?  Wait till they get smartgrid and start taxing when you drive as well as where.  “Where” gets taxed… wait they will get to it, where you live, where you drive, where you eat. 


sheesh! I just meant to post Clay’s post and it grew!           AND WHAT THE F**K is up with the new buzzword Reinvestment.  Is this where they take your money and reinvest it in their campaign.  Damn everything is Reinvestment and/or Security act something or other.                   

If You Flush It, They Will Tax It: The Wipe Your Ass Tax

The United States Congress is preparing to tax toilet paper, toothpaste, cosmetics, and anything else that gets flushed or runs down a drain if H.R.3202 passes. The Water Protection and Reinvestment Act not only gives the federal government control of the nation’s waterways, it gives the government control of the pipes in your house. In essence, Congress is prepared to tax you for wiping your ass and washing your face. Section 4172 of the bill actually defines what toilet paper is before it describes the coming tax.

If the law passes, the government will add an excise tax to toilet paper and other things whose end involves running down a drain. The tax will be a three percent tax charged to the manufacturer, which is the way Congress claims they haven’t raised your taxes directly. Obviously the tax gets passed on to consumers in higher prices. The bill goes as far as taxing cooking oils as well, since many home owners dispose of cooking oil down the drain. The bill also adds a four percent excise tax on bottled water.

Congress claims the $10 billion a year they will collect from the wipe your ass tax will pay to clean water and replace the corroded pipes in the nation’s aging sewage system. Wait a minute… Why didn’t they decide to replace these pipes with part of the $750 billion plus in stimulus money. Oh that’s right, they bought pork with their pork, so now they need more of your money.

With cap and trade passed in the house and set for debate sometime in the Senate, Congress now looks at another environmental tax to place upon the people of the United States. It makes me wonder if there will be a Sheryl Crow one-sheet tax break for the unclean, stinky asses in the United States.

BBCW: If You Flush It, They Will Tax It: The Wipe Your Ass Tax

I will be back to using the sears catalog and corn cobs.

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