July 31, 2009

Do these People Look Sane to You?

Would you even open the door of your home if they knocked? Roll down your window if they waved? Leave your kids with them?

you will be assimilatedbd bd bd bd that's all folksLook at all these peons...No Comment...no comment I sayI say we get those filty rich people!I am old and tired...hate these pretty conservative girlsIt wasnt me, it was that Guymmmmmm Doooo NuttttttWho said that?  I am KINGDon't you call me Ma'am I prefer Beotch

Notice anything? They are all angry and slightly crazy looking. Dishelved. Sloppy. These all came up on page one when googled. Contrast that with this:

What is wrong with liberal idiots?I tell you and I tell you but you never listen

Smile and Nod...they will never get itOf all the stupid things that have ever been said by a liberal

I do not know what it is, needs further research but It even affects the media somehow:

...and your little dog too vs Hubba Hubba

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