July 29, 2009

Random thoughts on the "Beer Summit"

Am I the only one who thinks the office of the president is a little above getting involved in a local Breaking and Entering call; even if the perp owns the house and is your friend?

Am I the only one who thinks that if Dubya had offerd to have a BEER with anyone that he would have been ridiculed even more for being a "cowboy" and a "hick" and a "stupid hillbilly"?

Am I the only one who actually finds the idea revolting?

Am I the only one who feels that it is condescending?

Maybe it is just a caluculated move to try to stir up popularity and quiet the calls of "elitist". "Hey I am just a regular Joe too..."

Speaking of that, how will it be possible for there to be an open container around without Big Mouth Joe being right there hogging it all? BEER BONG!

If I was the officer in question I might be inclined to decline the offer...of course there would definitely be repurcussions.

If I had to choose who to drink a beer in D.C. with I think Obama might be close to the last person although the bottom of the list is about a 500 way tie.

But I guess what could be more American than sharing a Budweiser with an old buddy and a guy whose career was besmirched by the supposed most powerful man in the world...oh...wait Anheiser Busch is owned by the Belgians now...So I guess it is perfectly Transnational for our Transnational president.
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