July 04, 2009

The 'Cuda....

This was originally a comment but after reading it, I thought it would make a good post.

I realize that Sarah Palin is one of the best and brightest people that has emerged in the realm of American politics in a generation. She has made fools of the mainstream media, been a very successful Governor of the biggest and most complex state in the Union, nearly pushed the dead RINO Mccain campaign to victory over the Obama machine, successfully fought off every attack her enemies have thrown at her, and what she has done that makes me like her so much is take on the corruption of her own Party. I believe she will now mount a campaign to clean up her party, and American politics in general so CORRUPT REPUBLICANS BEWARE...The 'Cuda is comin for ya!!! I wish that someone in the Dem party would similarly go after their corruption. If that were to happen simultaneously, America would become the prosperous beacon on the shining hill instead of being a dying man on life support (politically). I would love to hear from some of our new liberal leaning friends on this. We admit that the party we supposedly support is corrupt and needs to clean house. Does the other side feel that way about the corruption in their party?
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