July 07, 2009

Palin Blasts Critics, Remains Mum on 2012 Bid - Political News - FOXNews.com

She has been criticized by even those on Fox news for being unclear on her reasoning…really?  Looks like she is being pretty clear to me.  This is the interview with her without the talking head commentary, or the media telling us what she said as if what she said was not plain.  I think this supports Joel’s post nicely.  It is pretty darn plain to me, what I said before is what she is going to do, she is going to use her high profile to do exactly what we, the bloggers, are doing.  Then if the opportunity presents itself (please please please) she will run.

"The critics want to put you on a course of personal bankruptcy, so you can't afford to serve," she said, calling the attacks "bull crap."

"Average, hard-working Americans need to be able to get out there, unrestrained, and fight for what is right," she said. "Fight for energy independence and national security, fight for a smaller government instead of this big government overgrowth that Obama is ushering in."

"Obsessive partisanship" has hurt the [Republican] party, she said, striking a more independent beat than the partisan tune she sang on the campaign trail.

"We have so many people who offer advice, but I'm going to continue to be, whether some of them like it or not, pretty darn independent, and not get wrapped up into a strong political machine that hasn't been extremely successful in some ways."

"Most candidates, most public officials get to look into a camera and say, 'you better leave your hands off my kids,'" she said. "Well I haven't been able to say that. And that double standard that's been applied, that's been a little bit frustrating."

"I want to work, right now, for people who are going to work either in office or out of office for the right things. Those principles that build up America, those who are inspired by the values of America, and will not deride or apologize for the values we hold as Americans."


Palin Blasts Critics, Remains Mum on 2012 Bid - Political News - FOXNews.com

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