July 07, 2009

Left Coast Rebel: What's Really Causing our Malaise - Carnival of ?

LCR is GOOD.  I just get Irritated and rant in my bitter clinger way.  LCR has a way with words.

What's Really Causing our Malaise - Carnival of ?

Decades of excess being wrought out of the United States financial system, our markets, our economy. Sharply lower real estate prices, market indexes still 40% off. A national gloom, a fog over our can-do collective spirit. Such things would point to a national grumpy economy, hard to get by, much less excel. But we have fought implosions of our system and markets. 9-11, the dot-com blowup, October 1987, many others. And we snapped back, ready to exceed, excel, innovate - to be the best in the world.
18 months into this thing, this recession; the real cause of our malaise.
Investor's Business Daily -

Why is this job decline happening? The private sector — the real engine of economic and job growth — won't hire because it's scared of what it sees coming out of Washington.

On the horizon, as far as the eye can see, are higher taxes, uncontrolled spending and layers upon layers of new regulations.

Who would hire new workers faced with that?

Also, the federal government is meddling in the private sector as never before — in essence, nationalizing two of the three major carmakers with $200 billion in subsidies and capital infusions, turning our banking system into a fourth branch of government through the $700 billion TARP program, spending $200 billion to take over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and put them back in the business of lending to people who can't pay their loans — which is how we got into trouble

in the first place.

Socialism - not a normal, or unusually bad recession is causing our malaise. A literal Carnival of socialism. Our Obamanation is causing our malaise. Our pathetic, corrupt congress is causing our malaise. Never let a good crisis go to waste is causing our malaise -

  • Ambiguous so-called health care reform is spooking business and the markets. Howard Dean thinks that private insurers are destroying America. 46 million so-called uninsured, 10 million of which are illegal aliens. Ambiguous costs range from $1 trillion to $3.6 trillion. Socialized medicine thrust by this corrupt regime is causing our malaise.
  • Cap and Tax, a massive reshaping of our energy policy, replete with myriad new taxes and regulations, a regressive monstrosity thrust upon the middle class. Average family of four - $1800 per annum. Small business is confused and irate. Huge, new regulatory schemes are causing our malaise.
  • Stimulus II. No I'm not kidding. When something fails as miserably as the so-called $787 billion stimulus bill, Washington sees fit to add insult to injury. I vote for repeal of the first one. Spending future generational wealth through debt-financing is causing our malaise.

I want off this carnival ride in perpetual nightmare-motion. Ignoring the Constitution is causing our malaise.

Left Coast Rebel: What's Really Causing our Malaise - Carnival of ?

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