July 02, 2009

Why Sarah Palin Is So Freaking Awesome: 2013 Dream Team

I love this blog I just found, I like this list too…But I think I can do better. Here is hers (?):

My 2013 Presidential Dream Team

Pres: Sarah Palin
Veep: Bobby Jindal
*Chief of Staff: Darth Cheney
Secy of State: Fred Thompson
Secy of Treasury: any actual taxpaying citizen who will abolish the IRS and move the Secret Service to Defense Dept (Pick me! Pick me! I'll do it)
Secy's of Defense: Chuck Norris & The Nuge
Attorney General & *Press Secy: Ann Coulter
Secy of Interior: Tom Selleck
Secy of Labor: Mike Rowe
Secy of Energy: FrankJ
Secy of Education: Zo
Secy of Veterans Affairs: LtCol Oliver North
Secy of Homeland Security: Rush Limbaugh

Why Sarah Palin Is So Freaking Awesome: 2013 Dream Team

Here is Mine:

Pres: Sarah Palin
Veep: Marsha Blackburn
*Chief of Staff: Rush Limbaugh (even though Rush would never do it) close second of Glenn Beck. Only because I know the Maha Rushie is sneakier.
Secy of State: Mike Huckabee
Secy of Treasury: RON PAUL
Secy's of Defense: LtCol Oliver North
Atty General: Mark Levin *Press Secy: Ann Coulter
Secy of Interior: The Nuge would do this after he made sure our homeland was secure, which would take Uncle Ted about 100 minutes.
Secy of Labor: Michelle Bachmann
Secy of Energy: Newt Gingrich
Secy of Education: Neal Boortz, both seconds it would take him to shut it down
Secy of Veterans Affairs: Marcus Luttrell
Secy of Homeland Security: The Nuge

DEPT OF JUSTICE - Sherriff Arpaio

Head of CIA – Geraldo Rivera – are you kidding me, has there ever been something going down he wasn’t there for?

Tell me that isn’t a winning team?

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