March 11, 2009

Alpha's and Omega's - If I have not offended you yet...

I have often wondered lately what caused the rise of liberalism (progressivism) in the US. You would think, or at least I would think that a country such as ours which was founded on free market economics, the right of individuals, limited government, rule of law, etc, would have spawned such a strong movement against all of those things and I have wondered Why and When it happened.

The Why is somewhat easy.

The first thing you need to know is that there are two kinds, varieties, caliber, or classes of liberal.

I will call them Alpha Liberals and Omega Liberals. (I can explain that later, basically it is wolf pack dynamics)

Alpha Liberals are the government type educated liberals. The new aristocracy, political class liberals. These are the Liberals who have old money and really pull the strings. They may not be nearly as vocal or in your face, but they are the ones who really stand to benefit from the Progressive movement, they are the ones that are seeking control, they are the ones who want to be the new Ruling Class. Their motivation is easy: it is power and they are going to do it through subjugation of the masses by creating an entitlement culture. In every type of government that has ever existed with the exception of when our country was new: socialist, fascist, communist, fundamentalist, totalitarian, dictatorship, or monarchy there is a ruling elite and people who are die hard progressives, elitists, want to be a part of this class. They intend to be part of it. They are utterly convinced that they are superior and smarter and know what you need and it is for your own good. You fight these liberals in the voting booth and by somehow convincing the Omega Liberals.

Omega Liberals are slightly different. One might call them useful idiots. These are the Progressive the average guy meets on the street. They are the ones who fall for the Alpha liberals message. I include all member of the glitterati in Hollywood, all the eco greenies, and the peaceniks, all the welfare types. They want to do what is proposed by the Alpha Liberals because they CARE and they want to FEEL good. So how do you fight the liberal message when it is so easy to fall into the greed/envy/class warfare scenario they espouse?

It has puzzled me, but I am beginning to get to a theory of how it might be done.
You cannot use reason, or you cannot couch your argument mostly in logic. You have to come at it through emotion to get their attention. Because as I have said Liberalism is an emotional response.

What is liberalism really based on? If you had to distill it to a single word I think we could all agree on Fairness

But what is that? I mean, that's a difficult concept, practically impossible to explain rationally. The only way to really achieve fairness is to assume that everybody is the same as everybody else back to the notion that everybody is as quick as Santonio Holmes; fast as Ussain Bolt, strong as Angus Sammuelson as handsome as Mario Lopez, as smart as Stephen Hawking, and as rich as Bill Gates and that nobody has any differences of any kind, then you might be able to talk about fairness, but of course everyone is not the same so it cannot be made to work.. Both types of Liberals have one thing in common; they want to feel good about themselves. That's why they believe the things they believe; to feel good about themselves. You can't apply logic to liberalism because it is an illogical emotional response to a real or perceived issue or situation.

It doesn't make any LOGICAL sense. Like all this spending they have done It is not logical. They can't pay for what their spending, and they don't care. It's not about finding revenue, because history shows JFK even said the surest way to raise revenue it to lower taxes which spurs reinvestment which grows the economy which creates revenue. This is the same concept as when a store puts things on sale. They do it to move more product and generate revenue. Sure they do not makes as much per sale, but the volume makes up for it. Liberals will say that balancing the budget or paying off this spending is what they're trying to do simply because they know most people want this stuff to be paid for. People don't want huge debt, but Alpha Liberals don't care. If they cared, they would not have voted for the bailouts and the stimulus and everything else over the objection of millions of voters. What they want is to saddle the nation with debt. The idea is control. and at the risk of sounding crazier than usual i will go one step further. watch for the global cooperation on economic policy. if we go to a one world economy it is all the governments of the world collectively closing the door on choice because even the rich then have no where to go...businesses will have no choice in where or at least no benefit to invest their money elsewhere. so they will be free to raise taxes as high as they want. we are the richest nation on earth and so when the worldwide bailout happens who do you think will pay for it? google "bancor" and "unitas" .

The Omega Liberals just want to be part of something they think is good and decent. They want to matter, and they want to feel good about themselves. So liberalism is basically just a way for people who do not have much meaning or substance in their lives to feel good about themselves So how do you attack that? Well you have to make them FEEL mean

But they say "I care about African-Americans and poverty. I care about teenage pregnancy. I care about [insert cause here]"

So we have to say, "Really? What have you done for them?"

"Well, we've -- we've -- We care about them. We don't like the circumstances in which they live because of the rich."

"The rich haven’t done anything to cause it. The liberals have. You guys have transferred money. You have spent money. You have sent welfare. And in so doing have sold them back into slavery and have destroyed the black family because the welfare state rewards single households-- and you have felt good about yourself in the process! You think you're helping but you're not, and that's why we are never allowed to look at the results of liberal programs. We are only supposed to, and are allowed to, look at their good intentions, because their good intentions are what make them feel good about themselves."

The liberal media and all the liberals in the cities are forever spouting “equality this” , “equality that” and when you look at it, it seems like most of what happens just subjugates the minorities more, and makes villains out of white folks, middle class, conservatives, more.

I mean, look at the unintended (or actually I am now convinced intended ) consequences of affirmative action, welfare, and on and on and on…

One study found that 50% of the increase in illegitimate births among black women was directly linked to additional welfare benefits. Well DUH! If you pay more per baby, and you bill the daddy if they know who he is, then suddenly no one knows who Daddy is and Daddy is not around, and the cash rolls in. I have personally heard stories of men charging stud fees, I am not joking. AFDC has done more to encourage split families and despondency and despair than anything the government has done.

Pre Great Society (LBJ) in 1960 the illegitimacy rate among Black children was 23%. In 1990 57%- FIFTY SEVEN PERCENT- of all Black Births were out of wedlock. This number peaked in 1994 at 70% (which is a large reason for the next sentence) After 1994 when the welfare reform act was passed (see previous sentence for reason why we needed it); limiting welfare payments to two years and placing a cap on the total number of years in your life you could be on the program, 25% of the women who were on AFDC in 1990 were supporting themselves in 1998! Conservative ideals, and individual freedom and free markets work.

Welfare pulls people even deeper into an entitlement mentality. It makes the government even more powerful. The people like Jeremiah Wright, and Farrakhan, and all the other Minority leaders who are pretty wacky, they blame the conservatives, but it is a huge fraud. IT IS THE LIBERALS….they do this and then they blame it on all us rednecks, white racists, religious zealots, wall street fat cats, etc. .

Here is another quick one, more republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act in 1964 than Democrats. More in numbers and more in percentages. More. Period. Equality under the law is a Conservative Principle, not a Liberal Belief. Don’t take my word for it, look it up. Liberals are Cruel and Mean.

Robert Byrd the “conscience of the senate” was a Kleagle (a recruiter) for the Klan. Oh yeah, he is a Democrat and a Liberal. Look it up.

If you really want proof then read the deal I have on Planned Parenthood. I am going to put it at the end.

So all these Omega Liberals that vote for the Alpha Liberals, it's about their intentions. "We tried to help. At least we cared! You republicans don’t care about anything. You never want to help people that are suffering. All you do is increase..."

No no no, it's just the exact opposite. We do care. We actually come up with real workable provable historical solutions to all this. We think that it's unconscionable that there should be such suffering as there is in the greatest country in the world.

So Conservatives see some suffering and we immediately say, "How can we fix that?" Liberals look and all you want to do is feel good about yourself because you notice it and care, and you might come up with some plan you think will fix it, that makes it worse.

I am reminded of a scene from the movie White Men Can’t Jump, Rozie Perez and Woody Harrelson are sitting in bed and Rozie says she is thirsty, Woody jumps up to get her a drink (conservative response) and Rozie gets angry. She says “when I say I am thirsty, I do not necessarily want you to get me a drink, what I want is for you to say I too know what it is to thirst” (liberal response) Woody heard of an issue and he took a direct logical approach to quickly solve the problem. But what Rozie wanted was not action but Caring. That is a perfect example of Conservativism and Progressivism.

Conservatives have to show Liberals that while they're out there feeling good about themselves, they're not fixing anything. The rage and the anger that they all feel is evidence that they really don't feel good about themselves. So they create these illusions that they care and they feel good about themselves, but they're living a psychosis, true believers in liberalism are actively engaged in and living in a suspension of reality. I once heard it said that the difference between neurotics (which we all are a little bit) and psychotics is that the former build castles in the sky and the latter move into them.

It's about making themselves feel good, and they don't. So they're angry and enraged and they get really mad when you tell 'em that they are the exact opposite of what they think they are. That's why I said to tell them they are cruel and are hurting people. "Do you realize how cruel your beliefs are? Do you realize the suffering your beliefs have been imposed on people?" They don't want to hear it! They are the sweetest, the nicest, the most caring and compassionate. You make them feel otherwise about themselves, and, you just might get them to listen

In the immortal words of Yoda "Fear is the path to the Dark Side, Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering" Who do conservatives hate? No one. Conservativism is open for business. Who do Liberals hate?...well whoever it is most politicially expedient to hate at the moment to further their objective. Just like the emperor in Star Wars uses whoever he has to in order to further his agenda.

Conservative values keep us grounded. They act as a compass. They force you to settle for nothing but the best. They show us how to be tolerant of people but be intolerant of intolerant behavior. They demand Compassion for the helpless and loathing for those who choose to be dependant. They are a belief in the rule of law and equality under the law.
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