March 11, 2009

Where did these weirdos come from? - Yes, I can become more un PC

when did our colleges and media turn into a socialist lovefests?

I have puzzled over it for a while now, and I have a theory. I have never seen or heard anyone else say it like this. But best I can tell this started really gaining ground with the liberal media and the wacky college stuff during my lifetime. So since the late seventies…or really the mid-eighties. That is about the time that the US education system started to tank. That is about the time that News started becoming entertainment instead of a reporting of the days events. Why? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? What I mean by that is: which came first the change in the colleges to liberal, or the students in college being liberal and carrying that on to the media? I think I have an answer…
Well how old are most of the people running this stuff? I would say that most of them were born in the fifties. And grew up during the Vietnam era. Now if you were in college in the early late sixties/ early seventies and your number came up…what did you do if you were…well basically a coward/slacker/doper/hippie/anti-american? You got a deferment and stayed in school. But since you were a stinky doper hippie and more than likely from a rich family, you did not go into engineering, business, or other technical fields. You got an Art History degree, or Philosophy, or Political Science, or English Lit, or History, or JOURNALISM. That is when Journalism went from an even handed reporting of current events, to “crusading to change the world”. The people in politics now suffer from Vietnam guilt. Hate of America because of the wrongs during Vietnam. And when the war was over and you weren’t a journalist or a politician….you couldn’t get a job with that worthless underwater basket weaving, women’s studies, or Art History degree, so you just STAYED in school, and sooner or later you had received your Doctorate. And then you still stayed because by now you were totally ill equipped to be a productive member of society and you became a professor. Then you started changing the way our kids are educated.

Liberals are Hippies and old school Vietnam war protestors. Period.
Think about it what are really the main differences between conservatives and liberals?Conservatives “Think” and Liberals “feel” Conservatives are ruled by Logic, Liberals are ruled by Emotion.
When a liberal says he loves this country what he means is he loves his perception of what he would like to make this country…when a conservative says he loves this country, he means he loves this country…the way it is… or the way it was meant to be.
Case in point recent blathering by Tom Hanks… perfect illustration “ I want the president of my country to embody the America I have been waiting for” that is a direct quote.
Liberals carry the everlasting white guilt, they believe that the US is Evil. It is almost a version of Stockholm Syndrome.

I am not sure it is true but there is my theory. Our country is now run and our children now educated by the ‘make love not war, pass that doobie, draft dodgers’ that hid in colleges during Vietnam. Left leaning parents raised left leaning kids who grew up to be the current crop of Progressives or Liberals. They are totally assured of their intellectual superiority over everyone who works for a living, is religious, did not go to an ivy league school, or served in the military. They think the U.S. best days are behind her, and that they can make us better again if only we were more like Europe. One other thing they are absolutely sure of, totally positive about is that Luck plays more of a role in success than hard work, perseverance, skill, intelligence, or determination. If you became wealthy, you did it because a) you were lucky(more fortunate), and b) you are a crook. Conversely if you are not wealthy it is because a) society is against you, b) you are not lucky (fortunate). (I hate people saying the “less fortunate” that just means it is all luck) Why? Well I think I have this part figured out too. See those liberal draft dodging hippies, and even a whole lot of the ones who went to Vietnam, but came back as hippies and dopers were raised by parents who had been through the big one (WWII) and the Depression and didn’t want to talk about it or make it hard on their kids, were either a) wealthy already (they did dodge the draft after all) or b) they were the slackers who stayed in school or came home after the war and felt like victims already and have just expanded their victimhood, they never got wealthy because they became college professors, they never made it because they were Vietnam vets… THIS IS NOT TO SAY THAT ALL VIETNAM VETS ARE LIKE THIS… I would say MOST of them are true blue patriots and would defend the constitution not pee on it like the progressives are doing now.

Now I have not yet figured out the fascination with all things European, especially since every European I have talked to thinks the US is better than Europe, but believe it, every single card carrying true believer liberal, believes that Sweden, France, or some such place is better than the US.
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