March 17, 2009

A very educational post by Jean Chauvin over at


Fallacy (Latin: fallacia = "deceit)

These are the 10 most common logical fallacies I have encountered when dealing with the mindless liberal. I suppose some may substitute others, but I believe as a general consensus, this is an accurate representation of the matter.

  1. Argumentum ad hominem abusive (Name Calling)
    ----Rush Limbaugh doesn't know what he's talking about because he is addicted to pain killer pills and he's fat.
  2. Equivocation (The same term used via two different meanings).
    ----Since Rush Limbaugh wants Obama to fail, he wants America to fail
    ----(Here we see Obama and America being used via equivocation).
  3. Red Herring (Changing the Subject So as to Avoid the Question)
    ----QUESTION: Is Obama a Marxist?
    ----ANSWER: I believe politics is for the good of mankind.
  4. Straw Man (An Argument Attacked That's Not Argued).
    This seems to be Obama's favorite,
    He says things like "there are those who would say 'blah blah blah'" when no one said "blah blah blah." he bases his arguments for doing things in response to arguments that have not been made
    Statement: To those who say I am from planet xenon, I say no I am not.
    No one said he was from Xenon. but he said he wasn’t anyway.
  5. argumentum ad misericordiam (using pity to disprove your argument - also could be an ad hominem).
    ----STATEMENT: America should shoot Osama Bin Laden right between the eyes and kill terrorists.
    ----RESPONSE: You're mean, we're suppose to love everybody.
  6. post hoc ergo propter hoc (because of this, then that)
    ----Because Glenn Beck thinks the Obama Administration is Socialist,
    ----then all of Fox network believes Obama is a Socialist.
  7. False Dilemma (False Dichotomy) Only allow for two options.
    ----Glenn Beck is either a Republican or a Domcrat
    ----Obama is either a Marxist or a Capitalist.
  8. ignorantiam elich (Appear to Ignorance).
    ----Because Socialism is wrong Capitalism is right.
    ----Because Obama is a liberal, my position is right since I'm a conservative.
  9. Slippery Slope (A Snowball of Unrelated Questions and Statements to distract from the issue at hand)
    ----QUESTION: Are you for or against abortion
    ----RESPONSE: I believe we should all respect each other, nobody is going to understand another person's feelings, you should think about being in the other persons shoes, what about rape, what happens if we have to use hangers again? etc, etc, etc.
  10. argumentum ad populum (Appeal to Popularity)
    ----the Liberals are the ones that won the election, so you may as well go along with their policies.

When you start studying logic, you will begin to see that the liberal can't stop with the logical fallacies. And, when a conservative really knows how to define, document, and defend their cause via a successful refutation against the liberal enemy, Liberals will virtually ALWAYS resort to logical fallacy #1 over, and over again. .

When the Liberals start calling you names you know you are on the right track.


Jean Chauvin

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