March 11, 2009

Healthcare - opinion could be hazardous to your health - read at your own risk

Healthcare. Read this slowly. Some legislators, presumably from back in the day when they did their jobs, already passed a law that says that medical care must be provided to anyone that needs it without regard to their ability to pay. It was written on a sign in the waiting room. I saw it while writing my check to pay my bill. That free care drives up the cost of my medical care which I pay for indirectly. Children get government provided medical care if their parents are unemployed, or now even if they are employed with a small premium. The uninsured pregnant woman can get all sorts of aid. The elderly get Medicare and/or Medicaid. Local governments fund health department clinics. Those of us fortunate enough to have decent jobs are generally able to get health insurance if we so choose. Government employees get great health coverage. All of us in the private sector already pay for ours and everyone else's healthcare. And as mentioned above we are the only ones paying for the rest of the population. I think it would be really great to leave all of us alone. I am confident that more government bureaucracy will not lower my personal medical insurance cost or the portion of my taxes that go for the rest of you.
Likewise, I doubt government intervention will raise my level of care. And as for the government making it more EFFICIENT! HA! Go to the Post Office, go to the DMV, go to the Social Security Office, and try to talk with the IRS…there is what government will do for Healthcare. I will probably still have to wait 30 minutes in an exam room for 3 minutes of the doctor's time. Only I am willing to bet that the Doctor I talk to will not be as good at his profession as he is now because you KNOW that the Government is going to put price controls on the payments which will reduce the profits the doctors make. There are only two reasons to be a doctor 1) you want to help people, and 2) you want to make good money. If you take the money out of the equation the smarter folks will not want to be doctors they will move on to something else. Another thing, Nationalizing health care will have this effect: Rich people will still go get the best care they can, they will not use socialized medicine if it means lower quality care, the only people who will use it are the poorer folks. Know this and believe it, the rich elitist left will not use the system they are hell bent on creating. Know this also, socialized medicine is the first step in telling you what you can eat (trans fat, goose pate in Chicago), how much you can eat(portion control remember mcDonalds does not offer to super size anymore? google it), what you can drink, what activities you can engage in, what sports you play, how much exercise you have to get on and on and on. If they control your pay and your health, what is left? They will soon tax you based on how far you drive (they are already working on it, believe me…google it) They will also soon tax you on how much and when you turn stuff on in your home (google it, smart grid)
Once they control your pay, your health, where you go, what you eat, how warm you keep your house, where your kids go to school, what your kids learn in school, …what is left?

If you want to help the taxpayers, change the liability laws so people cannot sue a doctor for their botched Botox injection, or the fact that they were dying and the doctor could not save them despite their best efforts. That will help my insurance costs. I do not see how either presidential healthcare proposal is going to help me. Both sound as though the net result is higher taxes for me with the same or worse coverage for me. If you want to help those who work and sort of fall between the cracks just go ahead and provide Medicaid for folks earning minimum wage. I would rather they have it than folks who refuse to work anyway.
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