March 30, 2009

Get ready the all out assault on the 2nd amendment IS coming...wait and see

I want to share three bullet points. Then a news story from Germany as the perfect example as to why it will never work.

> The tragic shootings in Samson Alabama. Truly a tragic story. The shooter used several different weapons including an SKS (chinese made semi auto approximately 30 caliber gun), an AR-15 (semi auto .223 caliber gun) and a .38 handgun ( a police caliber weapon I might add - that is how they will spin it)

> Top news story right now is the killing of 8 people in a Nursing Home in North Carolina. Tragic awful story. The story quotes that it was a “deer gun” so that is not good. I would like to point out that a "deer gun" is anything from a .243 to a 7mm and range from single shot guns to lever action to bolt action to semi auto, cartridge designs dating from 1830 to 2007.

> Last week Hillary was in Mexico blaming the United States for the drug problem and the arms trafficking in Mexico. So it is our fault that Mexico is on the brink of collapse from the drug lords because of OUR guns.

Guns and ammunition have been strictly banned in Mexico since the notoriously bloody Mexican Revolution nearly 100 years ago. According to gun control advocates, this outright ban on gun ownership should have reduced crime in Mexico—especially gun crime—to virtually zero. Yet, that is clearly not the case.

Clinton says that 90% of guns in Mexico are smuggled in from the United States, a statistic provided by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. In the United States the vast majority of guns are not banned, and in Texas and New Mexico (the two states nearest the bloodshed in Juarez), gun restrictions are almost non-existent

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Talking to Greta Van Susteren:

" would inaccurate to absolve ourselves of responsibility or to absolve the Mexicans of responsibility. This is a shared responsibility. We share the border. And as you rightly said, the demand for illegal drugs is what keeps these guys in business. And it's a, you know, multi-billion-dollar, $25-plus billion industry.
The guns that are sold in the United States, which are illegal in Mexico, get smuggled and shipped across our border and arm these terrible drug-dealing criminals so that they can outgun these poor police officers along the border and elsewhere in Mexico.
So we've got to help out here...We can't stand by ...when a lot of the money is laundered in the United States back into the hands of the drug kingpins, and when the weapons have come from our country. So I think recognizing the co-responsibility is just stating the obvious."

So get ready. It is all there in the news. It is a matter of time before the Progressives POUNCE.

Now I want to share parts of another story. This is from March 12th, 2009

German School Shooter Warned Of Attack
WAIBLINGEN, Germany (AP) ―

The 17-year-old gunman who went on a rampage at his former school and killed 15 people before taking his own life gave a warning in an Internet chatroom only hours earlier and said he was "sick of this life," officials said Thursday.

Suspect Tim K. told others in the chat room he planned to attack his school in Winnenden, said Baden Wuerttemburg state Interior Minister Heribert Rech.

Rech said the suspect wrote, "You will hear from me tomorrow, remember the name of a place called Winnenden."

In the first indication of a motive in the shooting, Rech said the teenager told others in the German-language chat room that: "Everyone laughs at me, nobody recognizes my potential."

"I'm serious. ... I have a weapon here," Rech said the youth wrote. "Early tomorrow morning I will go to my former school."

Investigator Siegfried Mahler said authorities had learned that the suspect was treated for depression in 2008, but had no further details.

Despite the high death toll, the shooting could have been worse if the principal of the high school had not been able to warn teachers with a prearranged code over the public address system when the suspect burst into the school.

After the suspect entered the school in Winnenden on Wednesday morning and opened fire, the principal put the emergency plan in effect, quickly broadcasting a coded message to teachers: "Frau Koma is coming," students told German media.

In German the word "amoklauf" is used to describe school shootings, and "koma" is the reverse of the word "amok." Hetger said the coded alert was worked out by German educators after a deadly school shooting in Erfurt in 2002 as a way to warn teachers.

Hetger said that police in Baden-Wuerttemburg had received special training that involved sending small teams into the building in the event of a school shooting, as happened on Wednesday.

He credited this, coupled with the warning from the principal, for preventing further deaths.

Although the gunman shot at the officers as they entered the building, they succeeded in chasing him from the premises.

After he escaped, he hijacked a car and was eventually caught in a police shootout. The rampage ended with 15 victims slain and the assailant taking his own life, authorities said.

Local police spokesman Nik Brenner said that authorities had found 60 shell casings in the school.

The dark-haired teen, shown wearing glasses in pictures on German television, apparently took the weapon from his father's collection of 15 firearms along with a "multitude of ammunition," police said. His father, a businessman, was a member of the local gun club and kept the weapons locked away except for the pistol, which was kept in the bedroom.

So … this in a country with some of the MOST STRICT gun laws in Europe. And apparently this type of thing happens enough that both the schools and the police have trained for it…the article mentions another shooting in 2002 Below is the summary of the gun laws in Germany.

After 1945, the Allied Forces commanded the complete disarming of Germany. Even German police officers were initially not allowed to carry firearms. Private ownership of firearms was not allowed until after 1956. The legal status returned essentially to that of the Law on Firearms and Ammunition of 1928. The regulation of the matter was thoroughly revised in 1972, when the new Federal Weapons Act (Bundeswaffengesetz) became effective.

In Germany the possession of any firearm with a fire energy exceeding 7.5 Joule requires a valid firearms ownership license for any particular weapon. The current Federal Weapons Act adopts a two-tiered approach to firearms licensing.

A firearms ownership license (Waffenbesitzkarte) must be obtained before a weapon can be purchased. Owners of multiple firearms need separate ownership licenses for every single firearm they own. It entitles owners to purchase firearms and handle them on their own property and any private property with property owner consent. On public premises, a licensed firearm must be transported unloaded and in a stable, fully enclosing, locked container. A weapons ownership license does not entitle the owner to shoot the weapon or carry it on public premises without the prescribed container. Firearms ownership licenses are valid three years or less, and owners must obtain mandatory insurance and a means to securely store the weapon on their premises (a weapons locker.) Blanket ownership licenses are sometimes issued to arms dealers.

A number of criteria must be met before a firearms ownership license is issued:

age of consent (18 years for rimfire calibers/21 years for higher calibers) (§ 4 WaffG)
trustworthiness (§ 5 WaffG) -How do they define this I wonder? Member of the correct political party?
personal adequacy (§ 6 WaffG)
expert knowledge (§ 7 WaffG) and
necessity (§ 8 WaffG) (Necessity is automatically assumed present for licensed hunters and owners of a carry permits (Waffenschein)).
Persons who are:
convicted felons
have a record of mental disorder or
are deemed unreliable (which includes people with drug or alcohol addiction histories and known violent or aggressive persons)
are barred from obtaining a firearms ownership license.

Firearms carry permits entitle licensees to publicly carry legally owned weapons, loaded in a concealed or non-concealed manner. A mandatory legal and safety class and shooting proficiency tests are required to obtain such a permit. Carry permits are usually only issued to persons with a particular need for carrying a firearm. This includes licensed hunters, law-enforcement officers, security personnel and persons living under a raised threat-level like celebrities and politicians (not the general public).

The weapons law does not apply to military use of weapons within the Bundeswehr.

By the way MEXICO has very strict gun laws as well.

Mexico has some of the strictest gun laws in the world.

Generally, citizens are restricted by law to:
pistolas (handguns) of .380 Auto or .38 Special revolvers or smaller in either case,
escopetas (shotguns) of 12 gauge or smaller, with barrels longer than 25 inches, and
rifles (rifles) bolt action and semi-auto.
Handguns in calibers bigger than those mentioned above are forbidden from private ownership.
Examples of firearms that are legal for citizens to own include .380 ACP pistols (such as the Glock 25); .38 Special revolvers, 12 gauge shotguns (no short-barreled shotguns are allowed) and rifles in any caliber up to .30 caliber.
Permits for the transportation and use of such non-military caliber firearms are issued for one year terms by SEDENA (Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional) and may be applied for up to 10 firearms, total, for each designated and planned use that is legally authorized. These uses may include hunting or shooting at a club or national competition. Permits are very easy to obtain, but may be only obtained by citizens belonging to a shooting club.
There is only one legally authorized retail outlet in Mexico City: UCAM (Unidad de Comercialización de Armamento y Municiones), run by the Army and able to sell firearms. It is owned by, and is part of, the government. Although there is no legal limit on how many firearms an individual can own, once any individual has purchased ten firearms from the only retail governmental outlet, he cannot get a permit to buy any more. However, private party sales are legal and are largely uncontrolled, and wealthy gun-collecting citizens thus can legally buy more firearms from other private owners.
Collector permits, somewhat analogous to the FFL Category 03 Curio & Relic permits issued in the United States, are easy to obtain from the Mexican Government and allow the ownership of a wide range of firearms, even including military firearms. For those holding collector permits, regular visits by the local military authority to inspect the storage location to make sure it has the necessary security measures to avoid the guns being stolen are a recurring fact of life.
CCW licenses are issued but are hard to obtain for anyone not wealthy and without political connections. In the event that an application is denied, the denial may theoretically be appealed at a District Court, but this never occurs in practice. Prior to 2002, CCW licenses could be obtained authorizing military caliber pistols. However, these CCW licenses were all cancelled, and re-issued to authorize only up to .380 ACP caliber pistolas.
Transportation licenses are required for transporting guns. Transportation must be with the firearm unloaded and in a case. There are no public shooting ranges such as in the U.S. and other countries.

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