March 16, 2009

A great Post from KEN_in_TX from

We need to get our head straight, stop leaning on party politics; Libertarian, Constitutional, Democrats, Republican, or Independent. We need to organize civilly, and elect leaders in our communities that will represent, but flush the politicians down the toilet. Yall dont seem to get it, politicians are politicians. Get back to the true American thinking THAT BUILT THIS COUNTRY and stop worrying about Party leaders, and BE THE LEADER. You can be civil, professional, vigilant not vigilante, and organized without being radical. Lose the "What’s Popular" crowd, and by God and his guidance....BE ORIGINAL, FOLLOW THE PRINCIPLES YOUR PARENTS-PARENTS RAISED THEM WITH, AND LEAD. My suggestion, start learning about the people that surround you. Learn about the resources available to you without having to use money for bribes. Learn about who is compassionate, and who just wants to be popular, and by God put something together and stop quibbling about what Party leader is going to save us.....YES WE SURROUND THEM, AND WE ALL NEED TO STAY ON BOARD WITH THIS, BUT NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR OWN CITY, TOWN OR COMMUNITY.

Ken, I appreciate you. You had a great insight there.

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