March 17, 2009

Even MORE Ranting

I know I am beating this to death. But it is central to everything else wrong with our government. Winston Churchill (who is apparently despised by Obama) said that our system of government was awful, but that it was the best in the world. That pretty much explains why Obama hates him. Obama thinks more and bigger government is wonderful. He wants seconds and thirds on big government pie.

Well let me ask you this, What is the purpose of your entire existence ? For you? Are you a free person? OR do you exist as a small cog in the big machine... A tool for the furtherance of Government's goals? This is similar to how many Oriental societies view themselves. Almost like an ant colony. And at night, when the lights are out and Obama is there snug in his taxpayer provided bed, having his little socialist dreams that is his version of Utopia.
Ayn Rand said "the smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who destroy individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." Yeah..Stew on that....democrats are always spoutingoff how they are looking out for all minorities but the ultimate

Well I am a singular person. I do not belong to any human version of an ant colony. We need to take ownership of ourselves back. Too many of us have sold our individualism for security...and the more we allowed them to take the more they took to the point that now we are just about too far gone. Most folks just naturally assume that the government is responsible for everything. Which brings me to Tinkering. Ohhh how a liberal needs to tinker. See they hate our country. They need to Change things. And to do that they need Money...which means taxes. They HAVE to take our money because if they do not take our money we will buy guns, cigarettes, suvs, give to our churches, or spend it on other "bad" things.

I hope you are not a tool of the state.

This all starts in the schools. When I was a kid what was yours was yours. Your pencils...your paper...your scissors...your glue. Do you know what a lot of public schools do now? They dump all the kids stuff in together and everyone shares...well isn't that nice. On another note just another minor little peeve of mine: nowadays parents have to buy the teacher supplies much crap is that?

No society based on social and economic freedom will ever survive the loss of individual property rights.

The Progressives see absolutely no end to what they should be allowed to tinker individual control over your life is out of bounds...if they had come up with the patriot act they would have loved fact what part of that law has Obama overturned?...nada...they will do things a hundred times worse than the Patriot Act...but it will "be for our own good". They won't be violating the rights of some terrorist they will be violating our rights but that is ok because it is all for our own good...

And lest you think I am partisan the GOP is just as bad at spending money as the liberals. They just spend it differently. The GOP uses tax dollars for basically payoffs, to make their base happy. The money does not usually end up as a direct assault on our way of life. It goes to more or less business causes. Democrats on the other hand give money to social engineers who are determined to ruin our way of life and between the two I will take the former any day of the week. But what I would really like is for both parties to die a spectacular death. I want a political party and a supreme court who are only concerned with the Constitution.

A Liberal believes that if it exists, it can and should, and they have a right to... tax it. They feel it is their responsibiility and moral obligation to do so. Need to punish someone for something? Tax them. Need to reward a group? Give them a tax credit. What is the latest thing damn Liberals have their little panties in a bunch over? well the AIG bonuses of course. Well if you just listened to the mainstream media you would be upset too. I am upset but not at AIG. The very same weasels who are on the network news channels pounding the table and demanding...what? That we tax those bonuses like 95% and (if you are like me and are totally obsessed you woud know that...) these same weasels are the ones who all but held guns to AIG and other insitutions to make these loans and do these deals. Then the very same weasels who made AIG do the deal and give even more second hand TARP money to all the same banks that we have all heard of. And who brokered the TARP deal to AIG? Well funny you should ask! None other than Tim, Turbo Tax..right man for the job...smartest guy in the room, Geithner. And ...AND they knew from the jump...from square one...months ago that AIG was contractually obligated to pay up to 400 million in bonuses. And the icing on the cake is that this group is in the UK. anyway!....ahhhhhh haaa haaaa just gets better all the time doesn't it?

Now the congress is talking special legislation to render the contract Null and void. And the sheeple say "YAY!". I think that is the worst thing they have done yet! So now...the Government gets to choose...which contracts entered into legally...are binding? What happens when they don't like some other Contract? Contracts will mean NOTHING. For the love of GOD wake up America! This is not a couple of planes hitting the towers...but it is just as bad.

Bottom line...the outrage is a red herring...they are moving so fast with their agenda that this is to distract the....ohhhh shiny....sheeple. And get Obama's approval ratings back up. Same reason he is going on Leno or went on Leno or whatever.

This whole AIG thing is all a show... and it has the wonderful added benefit of being a test case for if the american people will tolerate the governement deciding which contracts are ok and which ones are "bad"

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