March 11, 2009

Gay Marriage - is NOT the issue.

Same sex marriage. I am going to be so blunt and crass on this it almost embarrasses me. I do not give a rat's ass what any two or even three grown people consent to do to each other. I think queers have the same right to be miserable as the next married people. I do not really like the idea of calling it marriage but i really really just do not care.

WHAT I DO CARE ABOUT is that an entire state of people voted to make a freaking constitutional amendment to their state constitution and it passed on the ballot and now a very colorfully and tastefully dressed minority are lisping their little heads off about how it is unfair. Hey you assholes are the ones who perpetrate the idea that this country is a democracy. democracy is rule of the masses. The people voted. They have spoken. Shut up. No, shut up. A democracy means that if there are three people and two vote to kill the third there is a dead guy. THAT is why this country was founded and is supposed to be a representative constitutional republic. However, amendments to the constitution are done through a democratic vote. So not once, but twice the people of California have said that two guys can play hide the salami all they want but it ain't marriage and you just cannot let it go.

LOOK if you do not like the constitution and rule of law go to Mexico they are in near total anarchy.
Anything that a legal majority votes on to amend the constitution is LEGAL that is the most legal way to do something. I think that is about 5th grade civics. The constitution is the law of the land. The congress enacts laws within the framework of the constitution the executive carries them out and the courts passed judgements based on the laws enacted by the legislature. It is not supposed to be the court's job to twist laws and legislate from the bench. Be it good or bad if it is in the Constitution it is law.

So lets get this is illegal to smoke in many homes in California. It is illegal to not wear a helmet on a motorcycle, it is okay to to tell someone what they can and cannot do with their private property...they can tell you how many cars you can have in your driveway ...but the public at large cannot vote to make marriage between a man and a woman? I tell you progressives are purely emotional creatures. " it just isn't fair if Steve and Larry cannot be husbands, it's just not fair!" It can't be legal because it's "just not Fair" well what could be more fair than a free democratic vote?
can something be legal and bad? can something be bad and be legal?
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