March 16, 2009

Come Fly Pelosi Airlines

Speaker Pelosi using military aircraft as her private airline, which costs taxpayers millions of dollars.
Reasons Given for this Government Expense: (1) The Speaker is number 2 in the line of succession to the Presidency, and (2) President G.W. Bush granted this privilege of using military aircraft to the Speaker after 9-11
It’s interesting to note that the Secretary of Homeland Security is number 16 in the line of succession, which means that if something happens to 2 through 15, then # 16 acts as President of the U.S. Some have suggested that #16 would be an improvement over #2. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do fail to see why #16 couldn’t fill the position as adequately as #2.

Sort of like Suzy complaining that it was OK for Johnny to steal a candy bar, so why can’t she steal one also. You’ll recall that the argument was never; President Bush made a well informed decision on this matter, therefore, we should continue the practice. It was simply, the former Speaker got to use military jets, so I should to. Isn’t it amazing that the only decision made by President Bush in 8 years, which is agreeable to Nancy Pelosi, is one that benefits her. Further, if commercial air is so dangerous and unacceptable to Nancy Pelosi, then why doesn’t she take actions to fix it? Solution: President Obama should repeal this action of President Bush and save the taxpayer millions.This issue is not the most important one facing our nation, but I believe it’s one that is winnable. A reading of military history will show that General “Stonewall” Jackson had to win many minor skirmishes and battles, before he and his troops were ready to fight some major battles. Interestingly, as Stonewalls victories increased in number, his battles were half won as soon as the Union forces found out who they were facing .

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