March 11, 2009

What happened to our Radar? - we the sheeple

What happened to our Radar?

The people in this country should have very sensitive radar when it comes to communism/socialism… and big government in general. Our whole foundation is built against such a thing. So why did it happen? Omega Liberals just want to believe in something and Alpha Liberals have been much more effective in getting Omegas to believe. This is because mostly conservatives just want to be left alone, they are not out for a big power grab. This is why the conservative principles thus far are always on defense and progressivism is on offense. Progressives are the ones trying to change our way of life. Conservatives just want the rules laid out and let everyone live by them, progressives always want to change the rules as they go to ensure everyone wins at the same time, but they do it by slowing the faster people down not by working to speed the slower people up. Conservatives want people to be free, liberals want to enslave through the nanny state. You may have heard the comments by Rahm Emanual that this economic crisis is too good to let go to waste. Well free societies are disorganized, people are doing their own thing and that is downright inconvenient to liberals who want everyone to do what they say. War (or the moral equivalent of pretty much any crisis) brings conformity and unity of purpose. The ordinary rules of behavior change, you can get things done, build roads, hospitals, bridges. This is all part and parcel of the liberal agenda. Because if they can get the whole nation into groupthink (baa baa) we will allow them to do whatever they want. During war we do whatever it takes to win. But when things are going well, in times of prosperity, Americans are not interested in looking to the government for meaning and diretion. Liberals respond to this by constantly creating or elevating crises with which to get the support of the people (sheeple). Liberals also love young people. Simpy put it is because they do not have much wisdom or experience, do not know what has happened in the past, and always want to DO something.

So for the most part now when I say progressive I am talking about Alphas. Without the Alpha the Omega just wanders off aimlessly to save the whale, or to eat some tofu or to do something else to give their pitiful empty life meaning.

Our founders were incredibly …not sure if paranoid or fearful are the right words. Concerned and vigilant regarding government abuses of power. They knew that what governments did was grow and control and they knew that the government works best when it is “close” to the governed. Both literally and figuratively. So they set up strong state governments and weak inefficient federal government. That system works. But let’s face something right now about human nature. People who are good with numbers become accountants. People who are good at fixing things become engineers and mechanics. People who are good at writing become writers. People who are good and enjoy acting become actors. People who want to control things, wield power become lawyers and politicians. So they take that power and they use it. They get a taste. And even though these people are smart, very intelligent, very educated most times in history; they are put in power to govern. That is the root function of their job. Governments Govern…Politicians politic…legislators legislate. When was the last time you think congress was in session and they finished up old business and no new business was proposed? No new bills enacted. For 200+ years every congress proposes numerous bills and some get passed. I read one statistic that in a two year period our federal government signed into law 7000 new federal regulations and that does not even count state and local Governments. Few ever get mothballed. They do this because it is their JOB. I mean it is not their Job but it is what they DO. That is their function. So these smart folks who know that what works is Fiscal Conservativism and personal freedom gradually begin to do things counter to that. WHY? Well, for intellectual career politicians they are just born bred and raised to control things. That is what they do. We grow them that way. There is no fun being in power if power is to the people. You cannot control much in a free capitalistic society. Now for control purposes Socialism is where the action is. I mean that is like Nascar Pit road to a mechanic. Tax season all year long to an accountant. All day every day being on the number on Bestsellers list for a writer. A 365 day concert in central park to a musician. Socialism, totalitarian government is NIRVANA to a career Bureaucrat. That is what they LIVE for, it is their function, it is what they do… Only they have the answers. Everybody else is too dumb, unsophisticated. now there are a few who have self worth derived from something else. they are former leaders or are otherwise successful and are grounded in some other thing besides social activism, they believe in the greatness of the individual and the free market, but as we can all see these are rare while the other breed are legion.

Which is why ever time elections come up we should just vote in the new guy. For the exact same reason you change a baby diaper regularly. Diapers are just the thing you need for a baby butt, they are perfect for the application, but given enough time they really start to smell and become less effective at their job, and you need a new one. Pretty much just like the first one, but not all full of crap. Not all stinky. Same thing for a politician, you need one pretty much just like the first one, before the first one was ruined. Time in office ruins politicians.
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