March 31, 2009

Mexico rules out joint border patrols with U.S.

March 31, 2009 - 0:16 ET

LONDON (Reuters) – Mexico will cooperate with the United States in sharing intelligence to fight drug trafficking but does not plan joint patrols with U.S. forces, President Felipe Calderon said Monday.
They might see people crossing the border and that would be a awkward situation…since they encourage the illegal invasion of our country

"We do have to work together but that does not imply the joint participation in military operations or even a joint participation of law enforcement agents," Calderon said at a press conference during a state visit to London.

The Mexican president said forces from both sides of the border should share information to try to stem the flow of illegal drugs and tackle the gangs who supply them.

And probably as soon as we tell them where we are patrolling or share any information with them their corrupt government will share that with the Narco kingpins.

The United States has stepped up security on the border with Mexico after new President Barack Obama put Mexico's drug war high on his agenda.

Right and I have some swamp land I will sell you. The only thing high on his agenda is socialism.

Crushing the drug cartels, who arm themselves with smuggled U.S. weapons and leave slain rivals in public streets, has become the biggest test of Calderon's presidency as the bloodshed rattles investors and tourists.

And now the media just reports it as fact…all the guns come from the US. How RIDICULOUS

Calderon noted that the U.S. demand for drugs and the availability of guns there were fuelling the violence.

[ in speedy Gonzales voice] Because Mexico is a peaceful country…it is those evil Americans and their insatiable appetite for the coca and the marijuana, and their easy available supply of weapons which the drug cartels who probably secretly work for Estados Unitos big businesses, use to slaughter many of the Mexican people (probably as genocide so we cannot immigrate) who only wish to immigrate to the Estados Unitos for work that those worthless lazy gringos will not do! It is our Land anyway VIVA LA RAZA! VIVA LA RECONQUESTA!...

"Violence and organized crime is not only a problem for Mexico, and it has been acknowledged by President Obama, this is a common problem," he said.

Yeah it is common in the US for people to be beheaded across the street from schools, and for us to not be able to have police chief’s because their average life expectancy is about 3 days…sure happens all the time here…a common problem…why just yesterday I had to step over a beheaded person on my way into the office…and last week those crazy guys and their mortars were trying to kill me on my drive home…I can’t tell you the number of policemen I have seen beheaded lately here in the US.

"It has to do with the fact that our border is the border with the largest drug market in the world and with the main producer and seller of guns in the world," he added.

Yeah nothing to do with the fact that OUR border is shared with a lawless corrupt country that has no control over its’ criminal element. Our drug problem could not have ANYTHING to do with the low priced mountains of drugs that walk across the border every minute of every day. I mean it isn’t as though it is cost prohibitive to buy the stuff. IF they were selling women down there by the truckload (and they probably are) then there would be a market for that too.

This just makes my BLOOD BOIL it is against their law for their citizens to own guns in 90% of cases…they are the ones making, and distributing and selling drugs…THEY ARE THE ONES BREAKING ALL THE LAWS ON THEIR SOIL…but when OUR secretary of state blames US then why would the Mexican president blame anyone but US?

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton acknowledged last week during a visit to Mexico that an insatiable appetite for illegal drugs in the United States was to blame for much of the violence in its southern neighbor.

All our fault…

I am doing the Sam Kinnison Scream again…

So let me get this straight…lets just break it down…

It is illegal for their citizens to own guns, yet they still own them, and use them to kill people (which is yet another good argument for not having gun control laws in the US)

It is illegal for their citizens make drugs, transport drugs, and sell drugs to the US but it all happens

It is basically NOT illegal for Mexican citizens to possess small amounts or use basically any drugs they can find.

But it is the US’s fault that the Mexicans do all these things

The fact that they cannot enforce ANY of their laws, means that we need to enact more laws on our side of the border? This is all just a second amendment attack.

There is one point, to the extent that guns are being trafficked across the border, that is something we do need to address, because that is against OUR law. And we need to enforce border security too, but that is not what the politicians want to do.

Because of our illegal drug use in the US we are not advocating Mexico change their drug usage laws…but that is the opposite argument from the one they make. I think what we would like is for Mexico to enforce the laws they have. And what at least I would like is for the U.S. to enforce our Immigration laws.

What we freaking need is a demilitarized zone. You know that seems to work well for the 39th parallel over in Korea. It seemed to work well with the Berlin Wall. Hell it must have worked well for the great wall of China back in the 10th century. WHY do we let them tell us that there is just NO way to control our border, other countries do it all the time.


P.s. did you notice how many times they used the word “joint” and “high” in this article?

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