March 18, 2009


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Obama said Wednesday that no one in his administration had been responsible for supervising ailing insurance giant AIG but that ultimately, the buck stops with him.

That Does NOT MEAN that it wasn’t anyone in his party, in congress, in government, or that he associates and supports….

President Obama spoke outside the White House on Wednesday before heading to California. What is he going to California for?

Didn’t he JUST go out there? You know to be on LENO? How bout he stay home a night or two?

"Nobody here drafted those contracts; nobody here was responsible for supervising AIG and allowing themselves to put the economy at risk by some of the outrageous behavior that they were engaged in," he said outside the White House. "[But] we are responsible, though. The buck stops with me."

Oh you sweet talking little socialist you…. Nobody right where you are standing did. Who was SUPPOSED to be in charge of AIG hiring and negotiations that was BEFORE they were Nationalized. For the love of GOD man do you propose to review all contracts for all executives moving forward and decide which ones are good and which ones are not OF COURSE YOU PLAN TO…OF COURSE

Obama, in a defiant tone, (better watch it he is getting petulant) once again lashed out at the controversial bonuses given to executives at AIG, which received $173 billion in government bailouts over the past six months.

Never mind the BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of our Tarp money that they sent over seas…at the government’s urging…GAWD I HATE this guy

"People are right to be angry. I am angry. ... People are rightly outraged about these particular bonuses," he said. "But just as outrageous is the culture that these bonuses are a symptom of that have existed for far too long, a situation where excess greed, excess compensation, excess risk-taking have all made us vulnerable and left us holding the bag."

Obama said he held discussions with his economic team and with Rep. Barney Frank, D-Massachusetts, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. Frank presided over hearings Wednesday on the AIG bonus controversy.

Barney Frank is chief amongst the weasels who put us in this situation

On Wednesday afternoon, AIG chief executive Edward Liddy told Congress that he has asked employees of the bailed-out insurer who took home more than $100,000 in bonuses to return at least half.

Half of what was contractually obligated. NOTICE if you will that NEVER in the history of Liberalism would the UAW be asked to give back half the money they have received just so GM and Chrysler could stay in business

Liddy, saying he knew that the public's patience is "wearing thin," said some employees have decided on their own to return their entire bonuses to the company.

But shortly before Liddy testified, Obama delivered a harsh message to companies like AIG and, in general, Wall Street: Don't plan on returning to business as usual.

NOPE plan on returning to Business as usual in Soviet China circa 1985 jack

"The business models that created a lot of paper wealth but not real wealth in the country and have now resulted in crisis can't be the model for economic growth going forward," he said.

Ding Dong Capitalism is dead…hallelujah say the sheeple

But the president said that rather than continuing to argue about AIG, anger must be channeled in a constructive way.

"We're trying to do is get ourselves in a position where we make sure that, going forward, we're not held hostage to all these bad decisions that were made by these huge institutions in the past and that we create a system where they can't make all these bad bets," he said.

Nope right on brother Obama, now we are not going to be held hostage by businesses making bad bets and people freely investing in the companies, Now we are going to be held hostage by the Government who knows what is best for everybody.

"And I am confident that we can strike the right balance that allows our financial system to stabilize, allows people to innovate in the financial markets, but don't allow them to put everybody else's savings, everybody else's well-being, other people's jobs, other people's homes at risk."

Who the HELL put EVERYBODY’S money in to AIG? I didn’t have any of my money In AIG before these Worthless Goose stepping socialists used taxpayer money!!!...!! Only people who chose to put their money into AIG before had money in AIG… I am so HACKED OFFF

Obama also defended his criticized Treasury secretary, Tim Geithner, saying he "is making all the right moves in terms of playing a bad hand."

HE BROKERED THE DEAL WITH AIG!!!!!!!!!......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! before he was treasury secretary it was on that basis that he was the right person for the job, the only one who knew what to do…so that his inability to pay HIS taxes didn’t matter oh my DEAR GOD

"There has never been a secretary of the Treasury, except maybe Alexander Hamilton, right after the Revolutionary War, who has had to deal with the multiplicity of issues that Secretary Geithner's having to deal with," he said

Oh so now Obama is Jefferson, Lincoln and Reagan (he is NO Ronald Reagan) all rolled into one. And Geithner…Ol’ Turbo Tax himself is the best thing since sliced bread and the best since ALEXANER HAMILTON Gimme a freakin break…this guy cannot pay HIS taxes….HIS TAXES… and he is being compared to a founder of our nation…PULEAZE.. he looks like he should be an elf in Lord of the Rings….

I am going to be sick. I loathe this with every fiber of my body.

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