March 31, 2009

Superb post from Joel over at


I saw a very inaccurate test done on TV where temperature tests were conducted comparing sun heated plastic soda bottles filled with CO2 and air. A soda fountain was used to fill a plastic bottle with compressed CO2 while the other was filled with air. Compressed CO2 is quite a bit more dense than air and it seemed like far too much CO2 was used. Naturally the CO2 bottle warmed much faster than the air bottle to the point where the results were extreme. Then it was said that there’s global warming in a nutshell. As far as I can tell, on Earth, atmospheric density has not measurably increased in the last 100 years. Had compressed air and air with miniscule amounts of CO2 been used to equal pressure, it would have been a fair test. The amount of CO2 in the CO2 bottle would have made a good experiment to explain why Venus is warmer than Earth but was grossly inaccurate for Earth conditions. False data is being used to explain away global warming when (scientifically) solar and oceanic cycles are the big players in climate changes. There is a whole other side to the GW argument that is being buried mainly to indoctrinate young people. For the last 20 years Earth has experienced warm oceanic cycles in the Atlantic (AMO) and Pacific (PDO) oceans. That is why those of us in Florida have experienced so may more hurricanes in the last 15 years. The warm Pacific (PDO) cycle began in 1982 and ended in 2007. The warm Atlantic(AMO) usually lags behind the Pacific and started in 1995. Those same cycles happened in the ’30’s-’50’s when Florida was hit far worse than this time. As these warm oceanic cycles shift to cold, there will be cooler times ahead especially in N. America and Europe. The fact is, these are the natural cycles that GOD put into nature to regulate Earth’s temperatures so we can live here. Those pushing “man made climate change” simply want to put God out of the picture. The God I read about in the Bible is very forgiving but does not tolerate those who put themselves above him. If your children start talking about climate change or “going green” they are likely being influenced by these people. They need to be emphatically taught that God is in control, not man. The only way we can stop the agenda of those behind these lies is to make sure we closely pay attention to what is taught to the young people.
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