March 30, 2009

Gun laws in other Countries.

Lets look at some of the Gun laws in other countries of the world, I already covered Mexico in the last post, their gun control laws are super strict and yet the LACK of gun control laws in our country is the reason Mexican Criminals have guns?! It is our fault they are in near anarchy and are killing scores of people daily?

Guatemala: no gun control laws that I could find

Honduras: no gun control laws that I could find

El Salvador: no gun control laws that I could find


All firearms in Brazil are required to be registered with the state; the minimum age for ownership is 25[3] and it is generally illegal to carry a gun outside a residence.[4] The total number of firearms in Brazil is thought to be around 17 million[4] with 9 million of those being unregistered.[3] Some 39,000 people died in 2003 due to gun-related injuries nationwide. In 2004, the number was 36,000.[3] Although Brazil has 100 million fewer citizens than the United States, and more restrictive gun laws, there are 25 percent more gun deaths;other sources indicate that homicide rates due to guns are approximately four times higher than the rate in the United States.[6] Brazil has the second largest arms industry in the Western Hemisphere. Approximately 80 percent of the weapons manufactured in Brazil are exported, mostly to neighboring countries; many of these weapons are then smuggled back into Brazil. Some firearms in Brazil come from police and military arsenals, having either been "stolen or sold by corrupt soldiers and officers."

So NONE of these countries could possibly be selling arms to the Mexicans. Likewise China nor Russia could NEVER be selling guns to Mexico. Surely they would not be coming out of Central or South America. I will just add the following for fun:

In late 2007 the European Union lawmakers adopted a legislative report to tighten gun control laws and establish an extensive firearms database. Passed with overwhelming backing, the tough new gun control rules were "hoped to prevent Europe from becoming a gun-friendly culture like the United States.”
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