March 11, 2009

Global Warming - the death of common sense illustrated

Global warming. I am going to guess and say that 100 years ago our thermometers were nowhere near a accurate as they are today. I will also speculate that 100 years ago we were not real sure how thick the glaciers were. I will go so far as to say that 100 years ago we did not have reliable weather data for anything other than the major cities of the world. I remember when I was a child that we were really shocked when the forecast called for rain and it really did rain, likewise were not amazed when the forecast was sunny and it rained. I do not have a PhD in climatology nor am I a meteorologist but this just makes sense to me. It is kind of like two fleas talking about what the dog looks like. I just don't believe we have the necessary perspective to see the issue. The problem with this, it that our kids and the people under age 20 do not remember the old weatherman. They have grown up in the age of the internet and real time Doppler radar and near spot on predictions of weather. They do not realize this is NEW. So when a “scientist” says the earth is warming, they believe it. I also am not convinced we can do anything about it. At any rate the US doing something about it is not the same as getting the whole world on board.

Ok I just heard that the UN says that animal production...the meat industry, is a larger contributor to global warming than all the transportation emissions in the they use this to justify a meatless diet and that is fine but I turn this on its head. IF this is even true and I guess it is as true as saying cars cause global warming then I feel even better knowing chicken pig and cow farts and associated other causes of the meat industry are more pollutive than all the cars trucks boats and planes in the world... I can sleep better at night now, safe in the knowledge that cars are safer for our planet than cows. because couple that knowledge with the rest of the greenies propaganda with the mass extinctions humans are causing and I feel even better. cutting down on all those other animals is actually helping our planet. I know there use to be more animals in the world than there are now and so we are helping.

One last comment. In all my surfing on the net I read this little gem:
“Benny Peisner a social anthropologist at John Moore University in Liverpool England said ‘Global warming on Triton, Neptune’s moon, as well as on Jupiter and Pluto and also Mars has some scratching their heads over what could possibly be in common with the warming of all these planets along with Earth’” Well by golly that is a head scratcher, what in the world in this Solar System do all those planets have in common that could be warming them up? Science may never know. By the way if you are reading this outside put some sunscreen on that big yellow ball there in the sky is hot. Might burn you.

Write this down…by 2012 we will be in a much cooler phase of the earth. Watch for it. I am not magic, I read. Believe it. 2012 noticeably colder temperatures . I do not know how they will twist it to be the fault of man, but they will and they will tie it to Global Warming. My guess is a gradual shift to the more ambiguous phrase “man made climate change” so they do not have to scramble every 35 years.

Know this: Global warming is all about guilt and control and a money making / tax raising scheme.
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