March 19, 2009

Obama On Leno from VietnamVet69_70 at

The fact that Obama is on Jay Leno is not surprising. He's nothing more than a frontman, a talking head. He is still campaigning, he is not governing. Notice his speeches have the same tone and cadence he used when he was on the campaign trail. What has he really done himself? He has shifted the power from the White House to the Democratic Congress. Most if not all of his recent flurry of Bills has been been put in the hands of Pelosi and Reid. The stimulus etc. were all crafted by them. Notice how he signed the stimulus Publicly and the Omnibus spending Bill privately. He doesn't want to do anything that is not politically expedient. He's the PR man. His approval rating, IMHO, is not based on his governing but on his Persona. Here's a clip from todays Rasmussen Poll, updated today at 09:30am EDT. Strongly Approve 37% - Strongly Disapprove 30% Source:
There is only a 7 pt. difference between Strongly Approve & Strongly Disapprove, the gap or index is getting smaller between the two. I think Americans are beginning to wake up. Also from Rasmussen: "Overall, 56% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance so far while 43% disapprove." It was in the upper 60's not to long ago. Keep in mind that on Friday March 20th he'll have been in office 60 days. I believe it was reported that Obama had a lower approval rating in the same period of time than Bush did in his first term. Now watch what OBama does when his numbers lower, he goes on a PR trip, this time Jay Leno. It will be interesting to see what his numbers are after his Leno PR Blitz. Also, notice that he leaves Washington to do these Blitzes, he is trying to temporarily disassociate himself from Washington. "Hey, I'm just a regular guy...", maybe Ellen DeGeneres will show up and they'll have a dance party or a spontaneous "Dancing with the Stars". Remember, he's a "Rock Star". As reported on MSNBC when announced his candidacy for president.
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