March 11, 2009

Energy - It has to come from somewhere.

Energy. I am so weary of people using the same breath to talk about oil and then say something about electricity. We, as far as I can tell, don't have too many oil burning power plants. Coal? Yes. Hydroelectric? Yes in abundance. Nuclear? Some but not enough. Wind, solar, tide? A very few. But Oil...not so much. And furthermore I do not see us developing a car to run on any of the above besides oil in the next 50 years. So the answer to the oil issue is a) drill, baby drill, drill here, and drill now. b) CNG c) get the issues with methanol worked out d) for urban commuters electric and hybrid is looking pretty good. But for trains, planes, trucks, and most ships...drill baby drill. Now for electricity all those other ideas are great, but oil and power generation do not go together so quit insulting those of us who stop to think. And let me go back…Drill Baby Drill, Drill here, Drill now…start today. But the opposite side of the argument says it will be ten years before we get anything. a) I don’t believe that and more importantly b) prices do go down on even the perception of a surplus, and go up on the slightest chance of a supply deficit, so don’t tell me that drilling will not help. c) Getting our oil here is better than getting oil from somewhere else for the national deficit; we can then take some of the money spent on imports to help develop future energy sources. d) This will create jobs e) it does take a while to drill an oil well which is why we should have passed this in 1992 when it was defeated by the democrats, but doing nothing will certainly not fix the problem. and finally F) any oil we drill for here at home is less we import from the Middle East. For those of you who don't know that is where the terrorists live and most of their money comes from the oil industry. In a very real sense getting our oil from home is a critical step in the war on terror. It would also put a monkey wrench in the works for Russia and Venezuela and anything we can do to slow these two bad actors down is good news for our national security. I am not an isolationist, but I believe the less we were forced to care about the middle east the better off we would be. Except for Israel the rest of those turkeys can just eat sand and praise Allah until they die of starvation. You can say Islam is a religion of peace if you want but it seems there aren't too many Hindu's, Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, or even Wiccan folks waging war in the name of religion and committing suicide. So I disgree, Islam is a religion with a very violent component. Here is an interesting (to me at least) piece of info rergarding oil and money in the arab world. before oil was found in Saudi Arabia the country's treasurer kept the nations treasury in a box under his bed...after oil was dicovered Toyota had to put in a corral at the dealership so the foks could trade in their camels on toyota trucks. Interesting? well remember this was only about Forty years ago!
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