March 15, 2009

Your supposed right to vote

Just roll your eyes now, get it out the way it will save you time. We are not guaranteed the right to vote in National Elections. In fact there is no RIGHT to vote. The states have (or are supposed to) grant the privelege of voting to the people. And they are (obstensibly) allowed to determine who can receive the privilege and who does not. Let me ask this; Is there a right to drive? Nope driving is not a divine right it is a privilege granted to you by the state. And just to throw it out there, when you vote for the President you are voting for the electors who elect the President. And the States pick whoever they want as electors. Our government was designed not as a democracy at all. Voting used to be a privilege that was granted based on certain criteria and although I do not endorse all the old criteria, I am in favor of SOME criteria. We do not let children vote (for now, some progressives dream about this). And there are many adults who are no more responsible, mature, or involved than the average 10 year old. These folks do not deserve to vote. If you can't make an educated vote, you should not get to. It really is that simple.
Just for starters, I say the first criteria should be either being employed for the majority of the last year and/or own property and/or be retired. A high school diploma or equivalent might also be a good idea, although the first idea pretty much guarantees the second. I think it sorta goes without saying (or at least it should) that to vote you should be a citizen...of this country.
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