March 11, 2009

A story from JR HIGH - if you know the title tell me.

There was a story in my Junior High English book; I wish I could remember the name of it. Basically the story goes like this: there was a man who was very big and strong and intelligent, but the government had decided to level everyone out, so they put a chip in his brain and any time he was going to have a big thought it shocked him to keep him from being too smart, and he was so strong they chained weights to him to keep him down. And there was this girl who was very pretty and a wonderful ballerina, and they made her wear a mask so other people didn’t feel less self esteem because of her beauty, and they made her wear weights too so she could not dance as pretty and the end of the story is a bit cloudy but I think they tried to escape and were killed in the process. It is a perfect example of what progressivism is going to do to this country.
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