March 11, 2009

Truth Justice and the American Way - Why Character Matters

Character and Honor. Since when does character not count in a president? I submit to you that it is about the only thing that does count. After all, the president can want a program to be made law but it takes the legislative branch to make that happen. I further submit that if you have a close acquaintance who is a terrorist (no one that I associate with is, if I found out someone I associate with was, I would no longer associate with them and I don't want my president to have had those associations either), If your wife knew and worked with a domestic terrorist and former FBI 10 most wanted list member, and if she said that she has never been proud of her country, and wants to rewrite its’ history, and if you sat in a church where the preacher spewed anti American hate speech for twenty years, and if you have all sorts of ties to a fringe organization under investigation for voter or voting procedure fraud (voting is our most important civic freedom) in every single battleground state the same organization which is deeply involved in pushing for the subprime loans, and if you once worked as a trainer for this organization, and if you once legally represented this organization, and if your campaign gave money to this organization or its' surrogates for anything, and if they or a surrogate of theirs has given your campaign money, and if you have received very significant contributions from the chief causal entity in this mortgage meltdown, and if one of your close friends/allies/fundraisers/advisors settled out of court for hundreds of millions due to a predatory lending lawsuit, and if one of your campaign advisors (and probably two of them) were CEOs of one or the other of the two Gases who were the main cause of this meltdown, and if you were friends with and received a sweetheart deal for you home from a guy who is going to prison for fraud and other crimes, and if you are one of the most radical members of a party which is the majority in a congress that has a single digit approval rating...then you have poor judgment and character, you don't deserve to be president, and it doesn’t matter how sweet a talker you are or what color you are. I have a theory and it goes like this: it is not a smear tactic if it is true and just because you don't like to hear it doesn't make it a lie. The person I vote for as President should espouse the same values as Captain America, Superman, and John Wayne and if that sounds corny to you then you just don’t get it. I want someone who believes in Truth, Honor, Justice, the American way, and I want someone with the business savvy of Warren Buffet to boot. Simply put, the President should be the best of us…not just one of us. I want a Hero, a Role Model. That is what we need, that is who we should find
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