March 17, 2009

Here are some fun Wikipedia and Google terms for you

I am not going to spell it out on here. I am just going to list the words. You Google it, or look it up in Wikipedia. Then look at what is happening. You tell me. I don’t WANT to believe this stuff. I don’t want to feel nutz. I don’t want to think that this stuff is happening. Remember what that old Alcoholic Bum Chia Pet Joe Biden said though: The world will test this brilliant 47 year old president and when they do he will respond and it will not seem like the correct response but it is, so just stay with us.” Brrrrrr. I hope that this stuff doesn’t happen. I Know that there is a certain element of the Liberal Secular Progressive power base that would love for the US to lose its’ sovereignty though, I have read about that enough to believe it.

I do not know what to believe regarding this stuff below.

  • Amero
  • SPP or Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America
  • NAU or North American Union
  • NACC or North American Competitiveness Council
  • North American Super Corridor Coalition
  • Trans Texas Corridor.
  • United States Council on Foreign Relations.
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