March 11, 2009

The Liberal Agenda

Before we talk about Liberals, lets have a quick pointing out of the differences between Conservatives and Progressives/Liberals, because that is the best way to define it. It is true. A little history is in order. What we call liberalism used to be called progressivism and ever since then Liberals have had trouble defining what it is they believe in, the reason is because they basically believe that the government should get away with anything that it can. In other words liberalism is whatever liberals decide they want to do. Liberalism is all about activism and any cause they take up they label as liberal. Conservatives is based on principles and therefore (because principles do not change on whims) you can contrast liberalism against conservativism in order to define it because Conservativism is constant.
Let me make one comment regarding the above statement. If you are grounded in Principles then you do not have to know talking points. Liberals always have to have policy statements and talking points. This is because Liberals have no real foundation to their beliefs. Conservatives do not really need talking points. As long as they really believe understand and endorse the principles and values of Conservativism. The policies flow from that source. There is no concrete source of Liberalism. It is in the heats and minds of the rabble, the sheeple, the gullible, and the overly emotional.

All conservatives say is “give me an equal playing field and I will make my own destiny, and let everyone be judged by their efforts.” Liberals would say “it is really unfair that some succeed and some fail, everyone needs to have the same result” Conservatives “Think” and Liberals “Feel” Conservatives are ruled by Logic, Liberals are ruled by Emotion. You will rarely if EVER hear a true conservative talk about groups, or “isms” , liberals see themselves and the world through a lens of what group they belong to. Which makes liberalism divisive. Conservatives do not see groups. They just want the same rules for everyone, and they realize that for the most part motivation and dedication along with some measure of natural ability determines outcome. Liberals want any kind of change, change for the sake of change. Action for the sake of action. Conservatives say “change to what, for what?” Conservativism is based on that concept along with the concept that the goal is to constantly improve. FOR EVERYONE. Liberals through their version of fairness only destroy the productive. It is destructive. They just want to bring down the successful, the producers. They view prosperity as a finite thing. Meaning they think if someone has money they must have it at the expense of someone else. Or in order to raise people up you have to level people out. Conservatives think people made this country great, Liberals think if only the government can get enough control then someday this country COULD be great. Conservatives believe that this country was built on the idea that Individual Freedom was the building block of everything. Progressives believe the individual is too stupid to be free, and needs someone to control them. Conservatives are generally optimistic about the future, and only angry when obstacles get put in their way. Liberals have an unending source of rage and anger toward something. It is their motivating factor.
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