March 11, 2009

A totally Politically UN-correct comment on OSAMA

For Pete’s sake find Osama and kill him already. We can put a man on the moon, send a missile down a ventilation shaft, shoot a satellite out of space, my phone has more computing power than my PC did in college 10 yrs ago, and we cant find a tall skinny arab dragging around a dialysis machine. Actually I am still not sure that he is not dead already. The political hay that could be made by our politicians is nothing compared to the martyrdom and positive PR that our taking credit for his death would do to the militant islamic fundamentalist hate filled raghead’s agenda.

Yeah, I am going to say it, I hope some enlisted man ventilated his worthless head, allowing him to assume room temperature, and hopefully he is tending Satan's Swine herd right now. But let's keep the search on so they can't claim a jihadist holidays in his name.
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