March 11, 2009

JFK - Geez get off of it already


I am so sick of hearing about JFK. And just for clarification and in an attempt to prove I do not buy in to every conspiracy theory… Oswald killed Kennedy, there was one shooter, and he did it because he was trying to impress the soviets. Oh yeah, Oswald was a Progressive, Marxist and Russia had kicked him out for being too radical. Liberals want you to believe there was a conspiracy because they do not want to believe that a pathetic communist sympathizer brought down their first Messiah.
Not since FDR had the liberals had a real chance to further their agenda. JFK was young, good looking, had a pretty wife, was from the right coast and had the right accent, he had kids. he was everything they could ask for to bring about all the hopes and dreams for the future they envisioned. Then he was shot and similar to the way Ahab piled all of his hate and anger onto Moby Dick the great white whale; liberals, being highly emotional creatures, piled all of their hopes and dreams onto JFK. "If only he hadnt been assassinated he could have...(insert dreamy vision of the future)" even if there was no evidence of JFK ever having aspirations to any of the things they lay at his feet. In a very real since it IS just like camelot; more myth than reality. but it makes them FEEL good. Then came LBJ who was probably more liberal than JFK but he just didnt have the mojo. Not Nixon, not Carter...especially not Carter, not Ford, then the wheels fell off for them with the election of Ronaldus Magnus..., not Bush 41...ahhh Clinton. They had hopes, but first they saw him as a hillbilly then he was too centrist, and he had a republican congress. Of course dubya was utterly revolting...and then the mighty ascension of Obama. Goodlooking...check...young...check...right education..check...right geography...we will take it...pretty wife....well beauty is in the eye...she is fashionable in a liberal...check....and bonus of all bonuses...he is black. So this is just the continuation and really now more than a continuaion of JFK, he also has to live up to all the collective hopes and dreams. I predict that there is a very real possibility that the libs may turn on him because he can never live up to the 4 decades of fantasy since Kennedy died...we will see. of course he may give them enough of what they want to keep them happy and in so doing completely ruin our country.
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