March 11, 2009

Immigration - the slow (and not so secretly supported) invasion

Immigration. If it is against the law it is illegal. If you are breaking the law you are a criminal. I have another word for an illegal immigrant. Let me put it this way…in 1939 Hitler’s army illegally immigrated to Poland. Illegal Immigrant = invader; it is just that simple. Illegal immigration insults everyone who does it legally. If we are not going to try to enforce our laws why have them? If you are here illegally and you want to protest anything...go...home...If you are not a citizen and you have a child here it can be a citizen when it turns 18. Until then it is your problem. Go ask your country to support it. And why do I have to press 1 for English? I have nothing against other languages but English should be the default. Let them press something to get something other than English. I love Hispanic people, they are a great people, and most have strong beliefs in family and a strong work ethic. I have Hispanic friends and I know we do not see eye to eye on this subject, but we are a nation of laws, our whole value system is based on laws. If we have a law it should be enforced. If we were to start a mass migration to Mexico we would all be imprisoned or shot. People talk of a path to citizenship. Fine with me. You want a fast track to citizenship you get to serve 4 years in our military, when you get out you are a citizen. You want to be a part of this country, fight for it. Do not try to set up a miniature version of your country here. The US is supposed to be a melting pot, but everybody is becoming a (blank) American, or a (dash) American. Get rid of the hyphens. One of the very few quotes of Woodrow Wilson you will ever hear me say is this “I cannot say too often –any man who carries a hyphen about with him carries a dagger that he is ready to plunge into the vitals of this Republic” I am not a German-English-Scotch-Irish-Native – American. I am an American. If we do not melt our cultures into one great big culture based on the ideals that founded this country then we are doomed to failure. Look how good keeping cultures separate worked out in the Middle East, or in the former USSR states. This promotes racism, it does not remove it. Our country was built on the premise that you come here and you become one of us, and we absorb the best of your culture and make it a part of us. That is what made this country so strong. Not that you come here and you get to keep everything you like about your old country and pick and choose what American values you want to use and reject the rest and live in isolation inside our borders and make all of America conform to your particular way of life.

Rush had an interesting question today, “what percentage of the default mortgages that are being bailed out were given or are in the hands of Illegal Immigrants (invaders). I think this is an excellent question. I do have one comment though. The progressives will not care one iota that there are illegals who were given mortgages and have now defaulted. They want them to be here, they want them to have amnesty and they think that borders are antiquated ideas from the last century. They believe that we need to “get over” this issue with Sovereignty and move toward a one world government. In fact the Illegals are more virtuous than a great many people in this country due to the fact they vote for Democrats (progressives) That gives them bonus points.
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