March 01, 2009

The Beginning Post

I am just a guy who has had it with the weasels in our Government. I am now convinced that not a single one of this country's elected officials or candidates have any link to reality. Smoke and mirrors and endless rhetoric are all we get. The following are facts thoughts and opinions regarding the issues we face today. I started writing things down (just for myself) as a way of venting frustration and then it became more (so I started this blog). I don't think I am smarter than the average guy. I just read a lot and some would say I have been obsessed. The first 10 posts or so are purely Things That Bother Me...Rants. The posts after that are a more detailed look at the overall state of things, current events, and news stories. The Idea is to get people THINKING. Please go back and read the old posts. The older Posts are some of the best.
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