March 11, 2009

Seperation of Church and State - an earth shattering announcement

I am going to say this is as few words as I can so that I can move on. There is not a single mention in the Constitution of the United States that says or implies the Separation of Church and State. (interestingly it was in the Constitution of the United Soviet Socialist Republic) It does not exist. Most of the original state constitutions once had or still have requirements regarding to what religion one must belong or at least for a person to be a person of faith as a requirement for public service. The constitution says that the FEDERAL government would make no law regarding the Establishment of a national religion. It means the states are free to choose, it means that it is left up to the states to determine what religion the states will be. The founders were all Christians of one stripe or another. But what they did not want was a strong federal government telling the states which they saw as free and mostly sovereign what religion they had to be. We are guaranteed a Freedom OF religion by our founding documents not a Freedom FROM religion.
Thomas Jefferson wrote a single letter that the Liberals hang their hat on regarding so called separation of church and state. Basically a group of church goers wrote a letter asking him to declare their religion their states religion and he stated that there was a wall between the [FEDERAL] Government and [the Establishment] of religion. He was telling them that was not the Fed’s job, but was left to the states.
Our current take on the so called separation of church and state would be grounds for war in the founder’s eyes. Believe it.

This blatant lie is one example of how perverted our knowledge of our own history has become.
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